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Find me in the simulated darkness of the bar with the rain pressure-washing the windows and the brake lights on 6th through the drops on the window like Christmas lights. 1,622 more words

Pumpkin Harvest Chocolate Chip Cookies (CCCs)

In a wondrous act of both Yankee thrift and ingenuity, I managed to get three pumpkin recipes from a single 15 oz. can of pumpkin puree: 327 more words

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Pumpkin Spice Caramel Budino


It smells like fall in here! Which is a pleasant change, as it sure feels a whole lot like summer outside. But I digress. 252 more words

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Alcohol a group 1 carcinogenic drug

Maker’s Mark

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Shake up these beautiful fall days with this apple-infused autumnal refresher. #MakeItDelicious


Day 390 - National Whiskey Sour Day

Last year when I celebrated Whiskey Sour Day, I recanted the tale of remembering my aunt and uncle drinking whiskey sours as their Happy Hour cocktail at our summer cottage. 893 more words


Our Kentucky-Fried Mini-Moon!

We’re interrupting our narrative of our recent Hong Kong trip to present *drum roll*…. our Kentucky-fried mini-moon. Because it’s our one-year wedding anniversary!

“What is a Kentucky-fried mini-moon” you ask? 532 more words


exploring: louisville kentucky & the bourbon capital

I remember watching Elizabethtown long before I visited Kentucky for the first time and watching the scene (see it here) where Kirstin Dunst is on the plane explaining to Orlando Bloom how to pronounce Louisville.   386 more words

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