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The Peacock Arts Trail - Kathy Hutton

Another amazing day on the Peacock Arts Trail.

We met such amazing artists today, and the locations were stunning too ! Truly wonderful.

It is just so nice seeing how other creatives work and knowing that there are so many talented artists and makers around me, kind of makes me feel less lonely in my pursuits. 259 more words


The 10 Best French Press Coffee Makers

French Press
How To Make French Press Coffee
French Press Coffee How To Make Foamed Milk In A French Press, Because You Can Caffeine Buzz… 15 more words

Royalty-Free Sound Effects-Choice Of Many Website Makers

For those who want to spice up a website, add sparkle to a corporate video or have a desire to make their blogs more interesting and entertaining for their site visitors, lots of sound effects are available to serve their needs. 12 more words

This glove can translate sign language into text and audio 

Maker designs a smart glove that translates sign language from hand gestures into visual text on a screen and audible dialog.

In an effort to improve communication between people with different disabilities and impediments, designer Hadeel Ayoub has developed a smart glove capable of converting sign language into readable text and audio. 279 more words


Changes in Prototyping and Patenting Approach in the Maker Movement Practice

What is most important about the new technologies is that they allow us to create first of all the prototypes more easily. This statement can acquire higher importance if we compare the new model of prototyping with the previous, the 20th century one. 593 more words

Creating fake passports from your personal data

This interactive installation consists of three machines that invite users to create a passport from their personal data.

The brainchild of ECAL student Martin Hertig, 410 more words


Etsy – Creating “Global Niches”

Etsy offers a unique marketplace for crafters. Since May 9th, 2012, Etsy became Certified B Company: a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. 573 more words