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It was a SOLAR day!

Well, today the solar panels went on top of the bus. They are mounted on hinges attached to 2″ angle iron bolted through the aluminum ribs of the bus frame. 143 more words


Geometric Shelves


The idea to make shelves came out of the need to store more of my things in the limited space I have available in my shop. 1,175 more words


What's happening - June

June Events

There is always a lot on offer to see and do on the Peninsula, even in the Winter months. Sign up to follow me below and stay up to date with the creative side of the Mornington Peninsula. 167 more words


Light day on kitchen work...

Today was mostly supply pick up day. We did get a few little parts installed. I’m going ahead and dry mounting all the electronics and fixtures and will run 110v, 24v, 12v, 5v and water supply/drain lines to the places they need to go… 247 more words


Kitchen counter work...

We finished the basic framing on the kitchen cabinets today and started blocking in the multi-leveled counter/prep tops. That’s the fun part, the organic building and using left over materials, we can make multi level/multi use areas. 152 more words


Hybrid Solar Electric/Collector Hot Water Heater System Design X42.w.1

Here is a preliminary sketch involving the parts for my two-in-one hybrid hot water generator for our bus, Leauxie. Water is heated in two ways, through a continuous circulation solar collector (driven by a 12v circulation pump powered by the solar electric system) and a straight driven 12v to 24v electric hot water heating element. 62 more words