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A good article: Why I Am Not a Maker. With one comment by me.

If you hang around with or are involved in some way with IT people, you will come across individuals extolling the virtues of being a “Maker”. 214 more words


The Italian Maker Faires - Trieste Mini Maker Faire’s Second Edition

Maker Faires are another crucial element in Maker’s world. While the different kinds of community workshops, gather Makers in a physical space through co-working processes, the Maker Faires are the major instrument that enables them to expose. 1,367 more words

Happy Thanksgiving from Gulf Coast Makers!

At Gulf Coast Makers, we’re very grateful for our wonderful creative community and share with you here, our Makers Grace.


The Makers Grace… 84 more words


Making is Applied Inquiry

I had the opportunity to attend the Mini Maker Faire in Rochester, New York this past weekend. I was excited to be able to schedule the trip because it gave me a chance to get well outside my usual sphere of experience and see what another region of the country is doing in the field of creative making. 329 more words

Inquiry-based Learning

Don’t try this at home: A knife-wielding tentacle

Now, who wants to take a ‘stab’ at turning this off? 

While some Makers like to think outside the box, others prefer to mount a servo-driven tentacle to a box. 137 more words

Maker Movement

The Legend of the Flatts

Fiction is life #1

Prompt: Centenarian veteran of a famous battle dies.

“What was it like that day, Geepaw Davit? Really, what happened? We hear about it in school but it’s just a paragraph in a book. 2,000 more words


Product Review: Touch & Such Exceptional Facial Oil

I don’t know about you, but as much as *I* love winter, my face absolutely hates the change in seasons. I get sore dry skin around my smile lines, eyelids and jawline, and I’ve struggled to find a cream or oil that’s up to the job of soothing and protecting without giving me delightful seasonal breakouts in exchange, or a face way too slimy for make-up. 259 more words