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Intel to have 5G built into Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft PCs by 2019

(Source: www.techgoondu.com)

If you fancy a laptop that connects to the Net all the time via a mobile link, you could get your wish by the end of 2019, when Intel predicts the first 5G-connected PCs would appear. 366 more words


Creative Makes and a Little Bit of "Forged" Love Fills the "Hearts and Arrows" Eclectic Box Goods

Forged Arrows

How cool that one of the main Goods in our Hearts and Arrows box has been created by blacksmith entrepreneur, Sherrod Martin. We loved his ideas when we asked him to create a purposeful art piece and he really came through.  559 more words


Kierans lesson: Ideas

In today’s lesson, we learnt about a new technique that helped us develop ideas and was essential. Past movie makers have used the same concept to come up with their movie ideas. 84 more words

Unit 3, Unit 12 And Unit 53 - 2D Animation

Meet the Makers: Florida Society of Goldsmiths

We’re looking forward to the Florida Society of Goldsmiths inaugural visit to  Gulf Coast Maker & Comic Con!

The Florida Society of Goldsmiths (FSG) is a not-for-profit organization with chapters covering the state of Florida. 120 more words


Are you a LEADER or a MANAGER?

Throughout my blog, I’ve told stories of entrepreneurs who found success through either a Leader or Manager style. Both roles act in very different capacities, yet both are equally important in any organization. 420 more words


Meet the Maker: Eerie Florida

We all know about Florida Man, of course, and Carl Haissen , Tim Dorsey and Dave Barry do an excellent job parodying Florida’s unique legacy of weirdness.  262 more words