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June 25th = Tube To Work Day on Boulder Creek

As you probably know, Boulder is pretty big on redefining “alternative”. Alternative energy, alternative transportation, alternative education, alternative healing, alternative eating, alternative exercise…alternative alternative. And as much as we love redefining it, we LOVE putting it out there for the world to see… usually with a tiny hint of “better than you”. 132 more words

Things I Love

#JohnStamos #heartthrob #crushrevival

Chris has been working with John Stamos on Necessary Roughness and I’m pretty much beside myself. Hoping that posting pics here will help me resist the urge to plaster the bedroom with old Teen Beat posters… because if I did that Chris will stop telling me what John is eating for lunch. 71 more words


Staying classy a la Ron Burgundy

Seriously can’t wait for the release of Anchorman 2. PS, if it’s the blockbuster I’m expecting it to be I’m totally planning to drop the name of every Atlanta crew member who worked on it… because name-dropping is rule number one for keeping it classy! 28 more words

Makes Me Chuckle

Let's get Zesty

I’m seriously loving these commercials.  “Once you go Italian…you’ll never go back.” -The Zesty Italian Guy 10 more words

Good Chuckle

Beltline Finds

Secretly delighted when the angry mommy brigades bullying the Beltline with their packs of double strollers drop tiny designer socks. Normally I wouldn’t take such delight in another’s misfortune but all the sympathetic glances toward my uterus are starting to chap my sugary disposition.

Atlanta Or Boulder?

Take My Picture - BOOOOOOOM!

How perfect is the term “Peacocking”?!

“Take My Picture” is a fantastic mini-documentary, directed by Dasha Zhukova and Andinh Ha. It examines the phenomenon of “peacocking” in the fashion world due to the proliferation of street style blogs. 13 more words