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On the wings of prayer, our burdens take flight

This morning I prayed.
As usual I woke up, dragged myself into the bathroom and had a shower. It was raining. And there was no way I was going to work in the rain, so I took my time. 513 more words

Makes Me Think


When I started this blog, I asked a friend of mine to write a guest post.
“About what?”
“Anything. Anything that comes to your mind” … 993 more words

Makes Me Think

To Date

I have been meaning to blog for some time. But I don’t know. I guess you could call it writer’s block?

Many times for the last couple of month, I sat down in front of my laptop and there is literally nothing. 387 more words

My Life So Far

I learn a new lesson

It’s a Saturday morning. A beautiful morning with the warm rising sun. We are at Gisenyi.
His sister calls and through choked words tells him to… 440 more words

Makes Me Think

Dear Old Friend

Dear Old Friend,

Let’s start out with the obvious; I miss you. I miss all of the people I have lost.
True friendship and love felt deep in a person’s heart is something that doesn’t waver. 399 more words

Makes Me Think

How to make tough choices?

The funny thing is making so-called “tough choices” or even in making any sort of choices had never been a big issue for me. Why? Because I make my decision with my heart and gut instincts. 297 more words

My Life So Far

Marriage and Wedding

So, is there a difference in the above?

Of course, there is. There is a huge difference between a wedding and a marriage.

I think often couple confused the two where a wedding is marriage in the midst of all those excitement. 448 more words

Makes Me Think