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Letter to my younger self

Dear Angela,

You aren’t sure what’s ahead, and the unknown scares you. There are times when you won’t know what to do. You’ll lay in bed and stare at the ceiling for what seems like days trying to figure out your life. 919 more words

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If Only It Were This Easy

A truly compassionate world would have looked different from the one we have today. People hurt each other and don’t even care that they did. People have become egoistic creatures stepping on each other and only think of themselves. 1,125 more words

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Born of a virgin, Mary and immaculate conception, He was placed in a manger. Mary was suspected at one point or another, for conceiving out of wedlock. 1,183 more words

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Yes, I'm melancolic...but I'm staying POSITIVE

Yesterday night. 8:39 PM. Reading on my phone, a Gmail notification pops up. I click on it…

Hey Angela. Happy New Year. I thought you might use another guest post. 2,508 more words

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No more excuses

There’s this boy. A nice little boy. He is 3 years old. As a baby he was joyous, he didn’t cry much. But now that he’s growing up he fakes crying, to get attention. 981 more words

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On the wings of prayer, our burdens take flight

This morning I prayed.
As usual I woke up, dragged myself into the bathroom and had a shower. It was raining. And there was no way I was going to work in the rain, so I took my time. 513 more words

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When I started this blog, I asked a friend of mine to write a guest post.
“About what?”
“Anything. Anything that comes to your mind” … 993 more words

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