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For Food, beer and art

When I was in primary school, I thought 6th graders were functioning adults in society. At the time, if someone would have asked me what I would be doing in my 20s, I would have assumed that I would be married with kids (at least 2), and traveling around the world with them. 720 more words

Makes Me Think

Living in a new country

I have been slacking big time in blogging for some time now. When did it first start? Probably – since I got busy at my Dunedin workplace in New Zealand. 1,318 more words

My Life So Far

Do not hurt yourself, sweetie

It wasn’t her fault. She keeps telling herself that, though it’s not making things any easier. She feels like a fool. Belise, 24, third year university student, is interning at an insurance company. 1,270 more words

Makes Me Think


Once before while introspection, it had got me thinking that my biggest flaw so far is “procrastination” and yet again I am at crossroads….hahah, I am sure it happens with plenty of us everyday, wherein, the weather, the mood swings, the period, the kids, our priorities, bickering, even the domestic help  177 more words

Learning Norwegian (Norge)

Where should I even begin? I am surprised at how desperate I am with wanting to learn and speak the language as quickly as I can. 554 more words

Makes Me Think

Invest In People

​It’s not everyday that you see a dead body. Last night, I did. His name is (or was?) Sibomana. He was crossing the road when a car hit him. 963 more words

Makes Me Think