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  1. mondays are never really over until you’ve hit your daily quota of two anxiety attacks, one in the morning when the bile threatens to burn a hole up your throat, or somewhere at 1922 when one text is all it takes to release the floodgates that have been pounding against your eyes all day.
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Kaiken järjettömyys

Jo viikonloppuna napsahti sähköpostiin tiedote, jossa kerrottiin, että Sinuhen erityiskoulussa työskentelevä avustaja on lauantaina kuollut ampumisvälikohtauksessa. The Seattle Times uutisoi pääkohdat.

Eräällä tontilla Belfairissa Masonin piirikunnassa oli kaksi kiinteistöä; toinen, joissa kiinteistön omistaja asui, ja toinen, josta käsin hän pyöritti omaa it-alan bisnestään. 256 more words


Recently, a comment on social media caught my attention.

What’s the point of Nostalgia? Why do you want to relive something which happened so long ago?

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Review: The Witches of Echo Park by Amber Benson

Well crap.

In September, I decided to make it a #girlsrule month and only read female authors.  It was a great reading month for me with a lot of winners and many 5-stars given.   376 more words

Book Reviews

Finnegans Wake: Book 1.6

Forget what I said about the last chapter being the strangest – this is definitely stranger. I struggled a bit with this one, but I think the overall gist is that this talks about lots of characters and places, through the guise of a pub quiz. 1,023 more words

Normalcy? What's that?

So you’re 20 years old now.
What does it take to be a normal 20 year old?

Network. Party. Socialize. Learn. Lead. Follow. Seek. Mature. Help. 10 more words