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May 28th 2017

It’s ALREADY ALMOST JUNE, time goes fast when all you do is work, watch drag race and eat croissants


Art With Style

Many people think that the only way to express themselves through art can only be done with paper, canvas or even wood, but there are other ways that people like to display their work, and that is through the profession of makeup. 173 more words


REQUESTED ➡️ KAT VON D | lock-it concealer and brush 

There is a lot to be said about LVMH and KAT VON D BEAUTY – I’ve had my fair shade of slight drama with the company, it wasn’t so much to my face but I could tell the questions I was asking were not welcome, I just didn’t think that Kat, after knowing of her and personally meeting her a couple of times would stand for a lot of the garbage behind mass produced cosmetics items but since she become more involved and created the artistry collective I feel things have gone in a more positive direction but there is almost zero differences between MARC JACOBS BEAUTY and KAT VON D BEAUTY, and it became very clear, until lately, the chances made to the original Lock-It brand was pretty quick and needed. 735 more words



Apparently April is already over? Where did it go? What did I do? How many donuts did I eat you say?


Catrice duo sculpt brow powder

Hello people. Today I am talking about my go to product for eyebrows. It is all about this old fave Catrice brow product which makes my eyebrows sooo good and filled up all day. 156 more words

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