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Masks: Lego Man by Frank Ippolito

Makeup artist and Face-Off Contestant Frank Ippolito created the coolest, creepiest full head Lego Man mask and hands, and wore them around Comic Con to get reactions from the crowd.


Full Head Silicone Mask

Fat Suit: Jonny Freeman in M.I. High

On the British kids TV Show M.I. High, a new mystery meat is making all the residents obese. The episode required comedian Jonny Freeman to don a huge fat makeup and padded body suit for the few comical scenes. 21 more words

Fat Suits

Fat Suit: Studio C - Matt Meese

Skinny comedian Matt Meese (from Studio C comedy troupe) wears a prosthetic fat suit in a sketch about the ever popular bacon diet. He wears a huge padded suit, a fat prosthetic and fat makeup on his hands.

Fat Suits

Whoa! See before and after make-up of Alaafin Oyo's last wife

Few days ago,the beautiful and flawless Alaafin Oyo’s last Olori shares amazing picture of her natural look before make-up transformation.
See pictures below:

After the transformation:


Denver Zombie Crawl 2016

Warning: You might not want to look at this post if you aren’t ready for lots of fake wounds and tons of fake blood. You’ve been warned. 1,801 more words


Bloody Brilliant! A discussion about blood effects and favorite brands of Hollywood effects artists...

“…just give them blood, blood, gallons of the stuff…”

My Chemical Romance was sure onto something with this hidden track, and I am one of those makeup artists who gleefully hums this tune every single time I am tasked to make/use effects blood. 543 more words