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New projects!

I’ve agreed to make some of the prizes we’re going to give out at an event in 5 weeks.

On my agenda is 2-3 tutus based on the Arizona flag (we get a lot of out of state people at this party) plus a couple of reflective headbands (it’s for our “running” group) and then a couple of customized sashes for the winners of I don’t even know what, I’m not paying attention because I plan to be pretty much wasted the whole weekend and not care about things in any official capacity. 80 more words

Makin' Stuff

Yay, I'm back!

First things first: UNICORN HAT! More on that later.

Next things next: I have a shiny, new, exactly the same as the old one laptop! Lol. 457 more words

Makin' Stuff

I'm totally slowing down at this point...

Not so much burnout as my hands aching at the end of the day and my back being all in knots from sitting “normal” so I can see my work better. 201 more words


So much left to do!

In the last post I mentioned I was going to spend this week’s sales earnings on a fancy dress for a fancy party… it’s a good thing I made so much because the only dress I really liked cost more than I wanted to spend. 308 more words


Money is good, but holy crap my hands are starting to hurt.

I decided that whatever money I make in sales by Thursday I’m going to spend on a dress for the very fancy party I’m going to on Friday. 260 more words


I need to work faster

Only got 3 hats done today, but maybe I’ll manage another before bed. I hope so, anyway. Tomorrow’s the day I handle the after-party snacks for… 289 more words


Wow, I'm overdue for an update.

Things have been kind of busy lately in terms of custom orders, so I haven’t been getting through my list. That plus so many things selling since my last post (yay!) and so many ideas for more stuff I want to do (more yay!) and it’s getting longer instead of shorter. 319 more words