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Have you ever done something so genius

That you forget you’ve done it, but once you see it again you feel like the smartest woman in the world?

A little over a year ago I got this bad boy off the needles… 407 more words


Octopus update!

I can’t figure out how to make the tentacles curl one way one on side and the other way on the other. Ugh. It always wants to go the same direction. 31 more words

Makin' Stuff

Holy crap, it's Christmas Eve.

I have no photos right now, largely because I’m drinking and watching Penny Dreadful with a cat on my lap. The big red blanket is done, the maiden aunt scarf is done, the angel for grandma is done, and we got the sister a super cute pajama onesie in mid-October. 61 more words


Progress report

I’m making Christmas gifts, still. The red blanket needs me to go buy more yarn (and it’s almost as bright as that photo, but my boyfriend assures me it’s his mom’s favorite color) and the scarf is for his aunt. 50 more words

Makin' Stuff

Christmas will be delayed.

She won’t let me finish this present for my boyfriend’s mom. Cats are jerks. 

Makin' Stuff


Ever notice a mistake you made several hours (and 3.5 skeins of yarn) ago?

At least it’s a present, so if they complain they’re a dick, right? 26 more words

Makin' Stuff

Uh oh...

Know how I can tell I’m ramping up to a manic episode? People tell me I’m being a bitch, I write overly personal blog posts like that last one, and I have multiple projects going at once. 105 more words

Makin' Stuff