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For such a time as this

I don’t know how I ended up there, but I knew with certainty I was meant to be there. God had a plan when I “happened” upon the… 639 more words


Waiting with Expectancy

God’s been working in my heart a lot lately showing me the worlds  deep routed need for forgiveness and what it truly means to love those right in front of us. 885 more words


Social Media Free

Truth be told, I’ve never been a trend setter. I’ve always loved things long before they become cool or fancied them well after the entire world’s made it their own. 845 more words


Inefficient efficiency

It’s true what they say: people are three times more efficient the week before they leave on vacation, than they are on regular work weeks. 199 more words


Season of Blessing

I’ve been negligent lately and this blog is proof to show it!

Busy’s got the better of me and it’s left me having to prioritize. And while I deeply love my journalling time, if it’s a matter of prayer or blogging, I choose prayer! 159 more words


irony in timing

Timing is a funny thing: sometimes it’s fabulous and others it awful, But regardless it’s always perfect.

Huh? What?

You heard me: Timing is always perfect if you choose to see it from a wider angle, to look for the pros and reflect on it’s invaluable lessons. 234 more words

Life Lessons

A new beginning

Funny. I feel like I keep entering stages of “new beginnings.” Perhaps, it’s because we’re ever evolving as people, that life is ever changing and our perspectives are ever molding, into the ones our God has planned for us. 186 more words

Making Big Things Happen