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#FirstWorldProblems: #Patricia Allison and #SocialMedia

So I’ve decided to start making better use of my social media. I have to admit, I am slightly set in my ways and have faced this social media challenge with some trepidation. 499 more words

Monday Musings - On Being An Introvert

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Blogs. The list of social media is never-ending. It’s so easy to connect in today’s internet information age. Yet some of us – the quiet, observant, seemingly standoffish introverts – still have trouble making friends and finding new connections. 218 more words

Monday Musings

Kind of a Big Deal

I bought a yoga mat.

Kind of a big deal.

A few weeks ago, I walked into Scheel’s Sporting Goods, took the escalator to the second floor (don’t judge…I would have taken the steps, but there were three “adorable” children messing around on the stairs, and I didn’t feel like disturbing their play), and navigated to an area of the store I’m not overly familiar with. 793 more words

Everyday Life

Students Collaborate

This past semester, the UWI Museum had an interesting collaboration with a group from the university’s media & communications institute, CARIMAC, when we briefly acted as client for Online Marketing students. 148 more words

Quiet Ferocity: Flames and Embers

It was all so long ago. In my senior year of high school it was the tradition in my small southern town to give parties – lots of them – to honor the graduates. 736 more words


Plans Gone Awry - an Update and Next Steps Toward Sacred Space

So you may have noticed that I made plans and included a time frame that I didn’t stick to. Unfortunately, Life doesn’t always check with my notebook to make sure it’s a good time for a curve ball. 995 more words

Daily Pagan Practice

The Black Business Network

I run a Facebook group called the Black Business Network (BBN). It is a group specifically for the African diaspora – black businesses and black consumers alike. 474 more words