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Beltane 2016: Self-Care is Worship

I’ve been a bit absent over the last few weeks; it seems like every time I get into a good groove, something happens to throw it off. 472 more words

Eclectic Pagan

Our Words and Their Self Worth.

School plays a vital role in the way children are seeing themselves and each other.

What if I was to say, that as teachers our words have the power to change a person’s life? 682 more words


Guernica: Now and Forever

After almost 80 years, Pablo Picasso’s historic anti-war painting “Guernica” continues to serve as a lasting legacy about the indictment against war, a topic that remains  relevant in today’s society. 426 more words

Making Connections

Enough is Enough.

I’ve been in pain to a greater or lesser degree since I was twenty-one: stabbing knee pain, immobile, sore shoulders, stiff and painful feet, aching hips, etc. 1,077 more words

Writing As Therapy


Hey folks! How’s it going? Thanks for joining me here for another ramble.  Someone had requested in the comments section of my last post that they would like to hear about my thoughts on “dating” apps so per a request, I am going to share with you my experience with these apps. 1,624 more words

What Does Happiness Mean to You?

Over the past four months, I have gained a deeper understanding of the various texts that we have read and discussed in Challenges of Modernity. Though there have been times where I have been utterly perplexed at the reading after presenting the work in class, I have been able to grasp the content more quickly by hearing fascinating commentary brought by my classmates. 369 more words

Making Connections