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Making Connections

By Neta Fudim


Lonely, insecure, different, but clever

Disciple of Minna, loyal servant of the L&L

Lover of words, obsessions and heartaches

Who feels neither acceptance, nor tenderness nor peace… 268 more words

Making Connections

Making Connections

by Claudia Keurdjekian

Task #1:


Alienated, puzzled, creative and tug-boater

Friend of the Minna Men and enemy of Ull(men)

Lover of jokes, nature and great mysteries… 308 more words

Making Connections

connections lab

Task 1


Tourretic, freak show, outcast, determined

Friend of the Minna men

Lover of Minna

Who feels alone, disappointment, anger

Who needs companionship, acceptance, love… 321 more words

Making Connections

FrEakShOw ToWn

Task one : Warm-up


Impulsive , strange , perfectionist , childish are your true nature

Friend of Danny

Lover of Kimmery  , tangled love… 352 more words

Making Connections

Finding the roads in the map

Task 1


Delusional, bizarre, silly and caring

Friend of the society and enemy of the criminals

Lover of the liars,

Who feels lonely, sick and outcast… 369 more words

Making Connections

Making Connection


Detective, Lovely, different

Fiend of Frank

Lover of Kimmery,

Who feels sad,

Who needs love

Who fears of his appearance, feelings

Who gives

Task2 : 182 more words

Making Connections


Alexa Nunziato

Task 1 

Line 1: Lionel

Line 2: Tics, Frank Minna, Brooklyn, clingy,

Line 3: Friend of Danny

Line 4: Lover of sandwiches, Kimmery, the number 6… 531 more words

Making Connections