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Building a Personal Brand

By Tina Humphrey, Peer Advisor

What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is a unique story that others recall when they think of you.

Why is it Important? 120 more words

Gaining Experience

Workplace Etiquette

By Kim Wilks, Peer Advisor

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and this means that students will be moving into their full-time jobs and summer internships. 275 more words

Career Advice

Resisting Assumptions

The last time I gave blood, a tech named Dakota took care of me. When she introduced herself, I didn’t expect we’d have much in common. 466 more words

American Culture

Formative assessment and self reflective statement

I have just reached my formative assessment point and the end of the term. Many of the submission criteria are not completed, however, i am really happy with how far i’ve come over the past month or so. 585 more words

Making Connections

Making Connections during Number Talks

All hands shoot up in 1M, a first grade classroom. The students strain their arms, employing arched eyebrows and pursed lips to entreat me to call on them. 1,168 more words

In The Classroom

Harness Social Media to Connect to Your Ancestors’ World

We often get lost in the downside of social networking, but there are also many amazing things you can do. Ancestry Cloud introduces some great ones. 15 more words

Research Notes

A Reflection on Making Connections

At the start of this project, I was intrigued by designing for children because I hadn’t done it before, and in particular, I hadn’t really considered designing for boys. 984 more words

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