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Recently a friend of mine told me, “I know next to nothing about you.” And I knew next to nothing about him. We want to change that, but we know that it takes more than a day together or a night alone. 386 more words


Making Connections: Horrorcore Vs. Old School R&B

Johnnie Taylor Meets Ganksta Nip

What do Ganksta Nip and Johnnie Taylor have in common?

Well, if you do not know who Ganksta Nip and Johnnie Taylor are, there is no way you can answer that question. 1,037 more words

Ganksta Nip

A precious moment in time...

(The term ‘micro-moments’ courtesy of Barbara Fredrickson from her beautiful book, LOVE 2.0 …..Review in a forthcoming post).

Hello there,

You may remember from last week’s post about Love, thanks to… 867 more words


"Which is Greener?": Connecting Fractions, Percents, and Ratios in Sixth Grade

Math should tell a story — through the structure of units, and the structure of a year. There is no singular correct narrative; instead, I find joy in weaving different paths through different mathematical ideas depending on the group or grade. 1,502 more words

In The Classroom


History is a montage – a tapestry – a patchwork. Much depends on the perspective and the sources available. And we have to be willing to consider all sorts of sources as we understand and fill gaps in the story. 436 more words

UWI Museum

Terrific Tip Tuesday!

One day we’ll sit down and schedule a bunch of these…I swear! :)

Today’s Terrific Tip is about making connections.

Having a great support system around you will make a huge difference. 165 more words

Terrific Tip Tuesday

Making Connections is the Heart of Learning

How do we learn? If one adopts a Spinozist ontology, one must see learning as “connecting” in all its infinite implications. The apple learns about the ground when it connects with it as it falls from the tree. 66 more words