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painting away

I’m away from home in Wales for more than two months (until November)

Getting used to making some small works on paper in any available space… 112 more words


A little self care

I’ve had my hair cut twice since April of 2015.

Mainly in an effort to economize while unemployed, but also, I wondered how long I could grow it before it became an uncontrollable mess. 222 more words



Have you dreamed of building your own

Railroad line at home…

Making do

With full-size ties to,

Highball as you here the train groan!


To the Recent High School Graduate

Summer, summer, S U M M E R!  It’s HERE!

Congrats, you finished your final year of high school. It took four years to assemble this life milestone, which directs you now to hurdle into higher education. 894 more words


Grandad’s Socks

“Tha’ mun mek’ do an’ mend, little lass,” Granny said

As she planted her small wisdom-seeds,

“Tha’ll not allus get what tha’ wants in this life… 324 more words


Twenty Quotes to Keep You Positive, Inspired, & Motivated

If you ever acquire the burning desire to conquer the entire world or something…come straight here. This is where you will get your motivation, leaving with the feeling that you can do ANYTHING! 514 more words


Five Ways to Give Back to Your Community This Summer

Showing a little love to your community is simple this summer. These five EASY ways to give back will not only benefit your city but also yourself.  975 more words