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When Did 'Making Do' Become a Bad Thing?

Getting by.

Making do.

When did someone flick the switch and make these saying ‘not enough’? I have made a conscientious decision to live with a romantic partner in a city I’ve never been to before. 301 more words

Life Lessons


As we move back to the south, I remember this week. I’ve never seen it in Illinois. Admittedly we’ve not done a lot of exploring of the Illinois natural areas (Apparently, it is native here). 133 more words

Batching it...

Steak a’ sizzling, beer cap popping,

Humming birds thrumming.

Bachelor’s night song!

Life And Living...

Take Back What's Yours!

I’m taking back my CONTROL.

An appropriate post for my return to the blogosphere after an almost three month absence, to be sure. Because really, that’s what this absence has been all about. 781 more words


Making Do

One of my childhood memories of Guam is riding shotgun with my mom as she slowly drove the family station wagon through our early morning neighborhood streets on trash day. 992 more words


The Week Links: in which our blogger does battle with ants.


I have managed to get rid of most of them but oh, how persistent they are. Now, I could understand their wanting to come into the kitchen, where all the food is, and they have indeed been in recently to get crumbs that our Offspring leave on and under the table, and then they leave when I clean up. 543 more words

What would your mother do? Make do!

What can one mom even do to make a difference?

We moms need to know this.

This is a short series about all the huge little things moms do. 315 more words