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The bike and Armageddon!

Regular readers may have been wondering if I had fallen in a ditch while wine tasting, or been captured by little green men while in California.   916 more words



Here’s an interesting subject: The deep-down feelings we don’t talk about — not ever, not to anyone.

It’s a no-brainer at work. “Keep your mouth shut” should be a mantra for anyone who wants to stay employed and get ahead. 263 more words

Getting Old

Remembering the Atomic Bomb...

By Paul Zolbrod
After thinking it over, I thought I’d share this item on the seventieth anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb dropping, an event secured tightly in my memory bank, inasmuch as I was an impressionable thirteen years old then. 931 more words

The War

Making Do

Recently, I grabbed a handful of books from a box we brought from my dad’s house. There, on the bindings of a few of the older books was duct tape . 293 more words


Nature provides - #haiku

New life finds a way;
nature provides the basics –
make do with little.

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan – August 2015


When Did 'Making Do' Become a Bad Thing?

Getting by.

Making do.

When did someone flick the switch and make these saying ‘not enough’? I have made a conscientious decision to live with a romantic partner in a city I’ve never been to before. 301 more words

Life Lessons