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Little Thoughts

Aphasic poet
That’s forgotten how to rhyme
Thanks God for Haiku

                                                     -Clarence Holm

Mother Worth

See her swinging

Her stark agenda

Brenda the Bonzai

Smoothing lamb

Whistling avocado dips

through Aubergine lips

Punk pastel smoke grey light

Gives cover to vultures… 44 more words


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American Sentence - Day 30/108

Scrappy, yes – also – tender, loving, vulnerable, creative, fierce.


Sold Out

By the time I discovered Robert Llewellyn’s YouTube Channel LlewTube, he was just announcing that he’d just bought his first new thing. Not knowing the context, I went because and found a year of “Making Do” videos where Llewellyn chronicled his year of not buying anything except food and medicine for a year. 403 more words

Jaime Pond

No Easy Life

One day, traversing Lake Onega on our way from St. Petersburg to Moscow, we stopped at the island of Kizhi, a remote windswept spot first settled in the 1400s, where there now exists the Unesco World Heritage site known as… 446 more words

Foreign Travel

Making Art Where You Can

It’s beautiful outside. It is gray and overcast and perfect for coffee and art but today I will spend outside. Wayne (Sparky) is wiring lights for the never ending stinking deck job and will have to be under the deck in dark cramped spaces which he so doesn’t do well in so I’ll be there to feed the lights through and whatever else but mainly for moral support and to possibly call 911, joking, kind of. 137 more words

My Bohemian Life

Cooking with gas

Life is like a box of chocolates. Mostly ok but full of guilt and there are loads of orange-flavoured things that nobody likes (apart from your mum, but we all know she only pretends to like them as she craves the attention STOP IT MUM WE CAN ALL SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING). 330 more words