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Deer Stew Chili

This is my deer stew chili for our chili cook off at church tonight. I started with a recipe from my Ball canning book, first of all because it sounded good – and second – I want to eventually can some of this and wanted to see how it tasted. 303 more words

Fumbling along

I was particularly enchanted today with the little ways in which things get untangled in large groups doing complicated ceremonies. Palm Sunday is complicated. Festivals which are only held once a year only get practiced once a year, and if the priest is young, the acolytes less experienced, choir members less experienced, congregations unfamiliar with how it is done… well, things get tangled and untangled. 742 more words



Scalpel in hand, she smiles meekly
Glint to curves, manuals to stance
A camel her choice of carriage
Veiled by birthright yet calm
The charm of strangers… 135 more words


"Vimal, 33, Black Belt. Tell me a joke. Quick"

People say the initial stages of a relationship are the best, ’cause that’s when you learn things about your partner and become familiar with their quirks and habits. 691 more words



Still major surgery happening in our bathroom – so glad this isn’t the middle of winter.  It would make washing in the wash-house pretty chilly…  Hopefully only a few more days.

Some things take time…

New Zealand


The railroad engineers have a new idea,

When they put the salt trestle in…

The truss bridge left over

Was too thin!

The stone bridge hit a problem… 64 more words

One Fork. One Spoon.

Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Instant Coffee

When my family got stationed in Greece, I remember walking into our house on Kolokotroni Street, taking in the old amber lighting, the brown linoleum floor in the kitchen, and my small white twin bed, and feeling thoroughly overwhelmed. 978 more words