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Misery and Depression... And The Long Road Back To Happiness

About six months ago, I sat in this very chair and was reading an article about the effects of depression on your body.  As I read, I began to realize exactly where I was in life; in the clutches of crippling depression.  918 more words

Me First: Why I Like Being Incompatible With Everyone Else

Over the years I have been called selfish, obstinate, sometimes even hateful and weird.  Not because of anything I’ve done, but because of what I… 1,258 more words

How Do I Know It Is Time To Make A Decision?

How Do I Know It Is Time To Make A Decision?

What to do – shall I wait and see what happens next or do I dive in and do something? 101 more words

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For

Being thankful is a powerful emotion.  And an underutilized one, as well.

Like most people, I tend to only take stock of my life and realize what I’m thankful for after something significant has happened.  1,259 more words

A Manifesto On Marriage

This blog entry is going to offend some people, especially those who are in a happy marriage.  I want to preface this piece by saying that these opinions are mine, and mine alone.  2,154 more words

Equip Yourself

Actress Sarah Paulson loves her career.


The first years she spent in the Entertainment business? Not so much. She would book a job and then the phone would stop ringing. 473 more words

Personal Development

All About Collaboration

Are you ready for a mic drop moment? Hold up, says psychologist Gay Hendricks. You could be starting, not ending, a very long dialogue.

Hendricks jokes, “When has your spouse said, ‘Thanks for letting me know. 438 more words

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