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In a world where things can “live forever” on the Internet, we all need to be careful when posting things to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media platform. 821 more words

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What are common mistakes first time CEOs make?

First-time startup CEOs make a lot of mistakes, mostly due to ignorance. One particularly bad one is misunderstanding or misusing basic financial terms.

Sam Altman in Financial Misstatements
Sam Altman

Do I need a strategy for my company?

Have a strategy.  Most people don’t.  Occasionally take a little bit of time to think about how you’re executing against your strategy.  Specifically, remember that someday you need to have a monopoly (in the Peter Thiel sense). 6 more words

Sam Altman

How can I make good decisions in our small company?

Once you’ve shifted from “interesting project” to “company” mode, be decisive and act quickly.  Instead of thinking about making a decision over the course of week, think about making it in an hour, and getting it done in the next hour. 6 more words

Sam Altman

How should I setup the board for my company?

Personally, I think the ideal board structure for most early-stage companies is a 5-member board with 2 founders, 2 investors, and one outsider.  I think a 4-member board with 2 founders, 1 investor and 1 outsider is also good (in practice, the even number is almost never a problem).

Sam Altman in Board Members
Sam Altman

Does my company need a board?

Great board members, with a lot of experience seeing companies get built, are the sort of people founders should want thinking about their companies every day. 41 more words

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How do I deal with founder depression?

Most of the founders I know have had seriously dark times, and usually felt like there was no one they could turn to.  For whatever it’s worth, you’re not alone, and you shouldn’t be ashamed.  32 more words

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