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Photo Haiga and How to Make Them: Part 2

Now we will discuss adding text. Some of the core issues have already been covered in Where on Earth do I Put the Text? This should deal with some of the rest. 514 more words


Photo Editing Software for Making Haiga: Text

The second feature of photo editing software you must absolutely master in order to make photo haiga, is text.  These instructions are for Gimp first and then for Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3. 727 more words

Violette Rose-Jones

Photo Editing Software for Making Haiga: Layers.

There are two functions of photo editing software that you absolutely need to know how to use in order to make photo haiga; layers and text. 499 more words

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Where on Earth do I Put the Text? : The Movement of the Eye in Haiga.

One of the single most important decisions you can make in constructing a haiga is choosing the location of the text. Poor text placement will come across to the viewers as awkward no matter how carefully you have created the image and the haiku. 553 more words

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The Third Thing: The Secret to Good Haiga

When I took up making haiga for the second time in 2008, I discovered there was a frightfully small amount of instruction on how to create them well. 474 more words

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