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Last Night (an essay)

What is the meaning of my existence? Certainly, this is a question I ask myself a lot, as do many people. There are many answers. In philosophy, the answer is to turn to reason and logic to be able to find the answers that you seek. 2,294 more words

Week 6 Reflection - Funding and monetization

This week’s talks were very interesting and engaging because I have always wondered about different types of monetisation options for games and apps. Monetisation in the apps sphere is more challenging now because users are smart, and they don’t like lot of ads and full screen adverts every 5 seconds. 886 more words

Reflective Blog

Reading the Comics, October 4, 2017: Time-Honored Traditions Edition

It was another busy week in mathematically-themed comic strips last week. Busy enough I’m comfortable rating some as too minor to include. So it’s another week where I post two of these Reading the Comics roundups, which is fine, as I’m still recuperating from the Summer 2017 A To Z project. 810 more words


Manifesting magic

It’s no secret that life has been challenging lately. Stressful, hard, and full of surprises yet somehow, life has also been amazing! Last week was a difficult and stressful week. 139 more words

Dog Days are Shitty Days

Every day is the same. I wake up in the darkness. I debate whether I truly want to be at work today. I then go to the underground tank in the middle of the compound house where I live and draw water. 2,150 more words


Michael Poulsen

We all come from different bands, mainly death metal bands and punk bands. So we’ve been in the scene for many years since the ’90s. I released my first demo with my first death metal band in 1991 or something. 1,229 more words