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College Struggles


Exhausted with too much work
Certainly underpaid
Laboring  30 hours a week
While maintaining  good grades
Occupied days
Restless nights
Trying to meet length requirements… 114 more words


6. Dream

I do not think I’m taking good care of myself and definitely do not feel healthy. I have chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. I am stressed and overwhelmed by my book review projects. 341 more words


Tiling and pattern making with Hattingdon

Updated 11/11/15 with tie.

Look at this darling pillow I created at Zazzle.com using Hattingdon’s new logo and Zazzle’s customize and create options. You can too. 640 more words


Fake it To Make it

Fake it until you make it.
The typical college motto,
Especially for English majors.
Why are we obsessed with and okay with faking our entire lives? 120 more words


Chapter 1. Ladies & Gentlemen... Jonny and the Pet Store Rejects!

**the trials and tribulations of an ageing London punk rawk band  ***any similarity to real persons is wholly unintentional

Jonny Reject forgot to remove the stash of vintage dildos as he exited the bathroom. 2,416 more words

Money In Music

“I’m not lying when I say I’ve got £100 in my bank account right now. In the six years I’ve been doing this, I’m not anywhere near the wage that I used to be on when I was a copper.” 794 more words


A post on why I'm not posting that often

It’s October. And that, as everyone paying attention to their nearest supermarket’s seasonal items aisle since August knows, means Halloween is nigh. And in order to capitalise on this, I – as a writer of horror stories – should obviously be dedicating time and effort into some sort of month long programme of themed blog posts, book giveaways and a general glut of content across my social media presence. 907 more words