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When You Know You've Made It

I watched Birdman this weekend. I know, I know. Finally, right?

Yeah, it was everything I wanted it to be. It spoke so much to my own inner artist. 394 more words

Get Soul Naked

Of Crippled Words (II)

Walking around in a haze; moving from A to B on auto pilot. Translating until my eyes bleed, just so that I don’t have the time or energy to think about what I dread to think. 178 more words

Of Life And Love

Is chasing dreams something we still need to believe in.

Starting this blog post I am in a hard place in my life. I am at a cross roads of sorts, what is my crossroads you ask. 250 more words


I Woke Up Like This: Why I'm Not "Faking It Til I Make It"

Some days you wake up and feel like you’ve forgotten how to “adult.” You burn the toast and put on two different socks and let your kid go to school without brushing his teeth. 483 more words


The Hustle

photo via @greatdiscontent

Peter found this amazing magazine yesterday.  Before I dive into said magazine I must already derail myself……a common ailment of mine, the derailing of any streamlined thought.   781 more words

Just Keep Living

Sometimes, when evil hits us in the face, we can’t help but not know how to live anymore. We don’t know what’s right, everything scares us, and we don’t know if we can go on. 192 more words

How I Feel

The day people  will be there for me will be the day that I die.
In this life I have nobody who’s there for me, 630 more words

These Words