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Why a book review changed my life

As a child, when the school reports were handed out, my stomach churned with anxiety. It’s not that I was a bad student, but I was very shy and this was something teachers were quick to point out. 396 more words


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I was painfully shy in school which is why I can relate so much to Louise Jensen's post. Mostly, I'm so thrilled about this wonderful moment in this writer's life! Her psychological thriller "The Sister" is debuting in July. I can't wait.

The invisible potential equation

Sometimes people are disappointed in you because you had so much potential in their eyes and you haven’t lived up to it – yet.  They’ve written you off but they don’t know you, they don’t know that you’re always trying and striving. 136 more words


Good things comes to those that wait and give proper timing as well.

I have an interview on Tuesday and might and a job all in good time.


Get Back In The Kitchen

When I was a theatre director, students and actors asked me all the time, “how did you get to be a director?”

They always looked a little disappointed by my answer: “I printed up business cards and started introducing myself to people as a director.” 468 more words

Business Of Writing

Don’t You Know Who I Am?

*originally published in Sound Waves Magazine April 2016

Spring is here! But life as a musician ain’t all Easter bunnies and daffodils, I’m sorry to say. 1,231 more words


"Momma I Made It!"

“Find your passion in your mind, and then follow it ‘til death. Bite down hard, you gone need God, ‘cuz when you march he watch your steps.

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Artists don't die.

‘….when i was a child everybody was always shitting on the poet. The artist. They said the poet is pussy. The artist is soft. And, most of them were. 627 more words