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#askNky | Should he have a job before getting married?

There are a few rare stories of women getting married to a man who had no job and in the course of the marriage he gets a good paying job. 190 more words


Marital Peril

The other day I read an article about the peril of marriages. Apparently, in the USA, we can now expect less than 40% of marriages to survive. 420 more words

Friends...Best Friends

There’s something to be said about successful marriages being built on friendship.  We see it as a plot in movies, you know, the one where boy meets girl, boy and girl become friend, boy and girl fall in love.   418 more words

The House Gnome

We (Hubs and I) have this trick that I came up with a few years ago – we blame all irritating household habits on a… 360 more words


From Cocoa to Chocolate

I love chocolate and all its many ways to be eaten. Chocolate can be a liquid or a solid. It can have a lot of sugar or a little. 764 more words


Our Marriage is over.....

2015 I believe is the year of reclamation. so how do I as a God fearing man redeem love in my marriage? Good question. The Answer? 321 more words


More Marriage Meditations

We attended a holiday party this week when another young couple asked us how we were enjoying married life after two years and when I responded, “I LOVE IT!” The couple said, “You’ve got to be kidding, most married couples hate each other after the second year.” … 234 more words

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