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Morning Jump Start

Ever wonder what in the world you could do to make you day flow better. I know I have! I wonder how can I not be in a rush with my kids, how can I stay on top of the endless mountain of laundry, how can I manage to get a few moments of quiet before the beautiful hustle and bustle of life gets going. 620 more words


A Perfect Marriage?

My husband and I have been married 48 years. We agree we have a good start now and hope to celebrate many more anniversaries.

We are DEFINITELY two imperfect people. 446 more words


A Blessing In Disguise

So we are off and out without any kids. We have 3 hours to go and eat and celebrate 9 years of surviving marriage. The first dilemma? 347 more words

Making Marriage Work

The Long Haul

This week I will celebrate my 9th year of marriage! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already and it’s even harder to believe we’ve not killed one another yet.You see we made an agreement years ago that we were in this thing until death do we part. 735 more words


She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink | The Huffington Post

♥   ♥   ♥

Came across this thought-provoking article on The Huffington Post and found it really interesting, especially being a divorce statistic.  Isn’t it sad how hindsight involves a lot of 20/20 vision that was missing ‘before-sight’? 430 more words

Daily Living Tips

One Jet at a time, One gripe at a time...

As a young aircraft mechanic tasked with setting our priorities for the day. Each newly promoted supervisor took a day to lead. It was not usual for each shop to dictate what maintenance they were about to do us included. 1,234 more words

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