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What is the key to making a marriage work?

Ha! Don’t look at me. I have no idea what the key is to making a marriage work. Hell if I knew, I would be screaming it from the rooftops and making a bazillion dollars. 929 more words


The default modes of successful marriages - Part II

“Love is meaningless where there is no sacrifice. Loving your wife will require you to give up certain preferences, especially the ones that do not impact directly on the direction or vision of the family.” 629 more words

Dare Kolawole

The Default Modes of Successful Marriages

We all know what default setting means on our devices. It means the way the manufacturer made it to be in the beginning before we started to put our stuff in it. 719 more words

Dare Kolawole

The One Question to Ask if You're Considering Divorce

One of my Facebook friends recently posted an article that essentially said if your partner/spouse isn’t looking deeply into your eyes while painting your toenails and declaring that you’re his soulmate, then you need to move on. 707 more words

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