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Why Video Content Matters

If you have a business of any kind chances are that you could benefit by engaging in conversation with your current and future customers. Anyone can start a blog or post on social media, but what’s a little trickier is coming up with a strategy around what you’re saying, and finding a way to make sure people are paying attention. 418 more words


eBay Sales: August $2601.00 & Driving Without AC

Last month I sold $2601.00. Which isn’t bad at all. I’m really happy. Selling on eBay isn’t all fun. It may seem like it is but I do have days where I just want to give up. 156 more words


Business II: Business Opportunity

Businesses have been around for years and years. We hear of different professions all throughout history. Farming, Doctors, carpentry, and many more.

But now a days you almost need a website to have your business go places, but it also has to be practically set up, with user friendly set up. 22 more words


Selling on Poshmark

Hello loves and welcome to my blog! Today I wanted to talk about why I sell on Poshmark and what my experience has been like so far. 839 more words


5 Weeks: It's Been Over 1 Month

Today marks the end of our fifth week of decluttering the house. It wasn’t as big of a week as some of our previous weeks, but we were working on some other projects that took more time. 186 more words


A Broke Girl's Guide to Job Hunting

I confess. I am a milennial jobhopper.

In the 3 years since I’ve graduated, I’ve worked and volunteered at roughly 6 jobs. In that space of time, I have doubled my annual income and make more than the median national salary. 769 more words