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Do I Really Need Twelve Pairs Of Shoes?

Today while thrifting I found a pair of walking/mild hiking sandals. The brand is Jambu (website Jambu.com ). These shoes are not cheap and by me buying them for $6.00 is literally a steal. 351 more words

Making Money

Making money on a Sunday while relaxing

I love Sunday mornings. They are very productive yet relaxing for me. This morning already I have collected some money from my honesty box for my seedlings and restocked the table, planted some new veggie seedlings, taken cuttings from my lavender plant, taken cuttings from some succulents, picked and blanched peas for freezing and put on a lamb slow roast. 220 more words

Can You Make Money by Writing? You're Damn Right You Can

A Story of How Someone got paid $20/hour during high school

When I was in high school, I knew nothing about sports, I got the worst scores in my math class, I had no game with the opposite sex… …but I could write. 404 more words

What Kind Of Program Is ACX?

Transferred to the site ACX!

“Is it a HYIP? Kind of… because it has some features of a HYIP – like it pays huge Daily Sales Commissions, but you don’t have to go hide when it goes down, because ACX never does. 450 more words

Muller-Lyer Illusion Explains Why You Make Wrong Judgements

Take a look at the shaft of the diagram above.

Which is longer? The one on the left or right?

* 561 more words


Child Toy Tester

I came across an article about children becoming toy testers for toy company’s. Until now I did really think this was a real thing, but after reading and seeing people really did do this I thought why not!  99 more words

Child Toy Tester

Currency Craftiness

Currency trading can be quite a lucrative way of garnering profit earning possibilities; however the risks involved are comparatively high. Get all the info you need here. 8 more words