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Game Skills in Real Life Situations: Making Money

Welcome to Game Skills in Real Life Situations, a regular series where I use my wisdom to parse out helpful lessons from an appropriate video game to help us in real life situations! 586 more words


Mmm, mmm, ha ha

Actual quote from the writing of one of my students this morning:

“I like pigs because they are funny and tasty.”

… uh … at the same time … ?

Making Money

Where did that quote come from?

After Terry Pratchett’s death (my previous post),  his daughter Rhianna tweeted from her father’s Twitter account: “AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER. … 562 more words

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It's in the bank!

Today was a fantastic day! I stripped down an old dresser, and decided to Pinterest it up by using coffee as a stain. Looking pretty cool so far. 104 more words


Product, credit, time

in what way are the above related?

It is my opinion that these are the traits that make all businesses competitive.

You see, businesses do something (unless they are Ponzi schemes.) and usually there are many businesses out there competing. 569 more words


Your Niche Is Waiting in Facebook

Your audience is waiting for you in one place – FACEBOOK. All ready categories, all specific to your audience. How convenient is that!

According to Facebook as at April 12th 2015 they have over 1 Billion users each month – 1 Billion imagine that! 492 more words

Making Money

Let Me Help You FIND Your NICHE

Let me help you find your NICHE. In order to do so, please answer the following questions with a SIMPLE yes or no answer.

1. Do you like making money online? 672 more words

Making Money