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Pen Pals No More . . .

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a “Pen Pal” as “a person (such as someone in a foreign country) who you exchange letters with even though you have never met.”  It goes on to further define the term as “a friend made and kept through correspondence.” 758 more words

Waxing Philosophically

Conclusions on a Wonderful Year

Alex Bill—As the year has finally spun to a near conclusion, there are so many things that I have learned while here at Brockport. It seems that the longer I am here the more I tend to learn about myself, those around me and my future endeavors. 433 more words

Campus Life

5 Signs That Tell You Things Are Looking Up

Being in a rut is very hard. I should know, I’m just at the tail-end of one. In every rut, there are things to look for that signify a good change is coming. 359 more words

Introducing Doris F. Holman, author of The Deep Green Forest

“The experience of having my first children’s book published with Outskirts Press was absolutely incredible! I have another children’s book ready, but I’m excited about giving the older audience some attention with… 175 more words


The Very First One

So this is my First EVER attempt at writing a Blog!!!

I cannot believe how in the short space of time from being a teenager and a technology whizz kid that at the age of almost 25 I feel like a total ROBOT.. 155 more words

First Time Blogger

Long Time No See| Where Ya Been?| Adire Photography

It’s been quite a long time since I have blogged about my foster dogs…not because I haven’t been fostering- I just don’t have time to blog…until now! 403 more words

Adire Photography

New Semester, New Me. Right?

Marie Fischer—My second semester here at Brockport has brought me so many new beginnings that I don’t even know where to begin. In just a month’s time, I went from having too much time on my hands, to not enough, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 352 more words

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