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Tip #8: Introduce Yourself

ARG, don’t make the same silly mistake that I made tonight.

Scenario: You arrive at a conversation where two people are talking. You know one of the people, you don’t know the other. 117 more words

Being Abroad and Clinging to Home (amoung other things)

When studying abroad there is a tendency for all to cling to familiar things. Perhaps seeking out cultural stuff from home. Or only spending time with those in your language or from your home country/region. 578 more words


Kickstarting Blogging 101: Who I am and Why I'm Here

New to Blogging,I know I have a long way to go and lots to learn to get my “Dream Blog”  up and running. So, the minute I read about the Blogging 101 & Writing 101 Courses on  WordPress, I signed up for them without a moment’s hesitation.  592 more words

Blogging 101

The Relationship Issue

I have developed many excellent relationships since I’ve been here. I think back to the days when my granny would drop me off at summer Children’s Chorale and tell me that at the end of the day, she would like to know the names of two people I had met and a fact about each of them. 689 more words


Target Will Be The Second Outside Retailer To Sell Apple Watch

Apple is spreading around where consumers can buy its Apple Watch, adding Target as the second retailer aside from the brand’s mothership to offer the gadget. 166 more words

That time I went to see Pope Francis by myself.

The scariest part of moving away wasn’t anything having to do with finances or mental stability. People asked me time and time again if I was scared, and I would always reply with, “No, I’m just excited,” which was the honest truth. 950 more words


My Nomadic Life 

Nah! I haven’t been travelling or spending short spans in different cities like some of my inspiring friends but yes somehow for the last five years of my life I have been living in no city for over two years. 452 more words

Growing Up