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Blessings & Building Bridges

As an introvert, friends are something I’m not always good at easily making. While I stay alert to what goes on around me, I find comfort in maintaining my own bubble of space. 653 more words


Best way to Learn Languages: This has worked for my students!


If you don’t know where to start from or you have hired a teacher and you still can’t speak the language you are trying to learn, this video will get you on the perfect start to accomplish that multilingual dream you have or that you need your child to fulfil. 34 more words


Sites, Flights and Frights!

Morning all!

So today I’ll be taking you back to the day before I left the luscious greens for the concrete jungle!

The night before I left was one of the most exciting, yet terrifying nights of my life to date! 2,061 more words


Love Thy Neighbor

I have lived in my neighborhood (do you call it a neighborhood when you live in the country or is it called a community or an area?) for almost 28 years.   809 more words

Musings For A New Year 2017

Me, Myself and I!

Hey! my name is Dana, and this is my blog. I have wanted to start this for a really long time, but I never thought that I was that girl, you know…the interesting girl, the funny girl or the popular girl. 201 more words


Couch Surfing

Did you know there is a community of travelers that open up their homes to other travelers for free? It’s true! Couchsurfing.com. It is one of the greatest treasures Tom and I have found this year. 293 more words

Out of the Fog...Into the Cold

I ventured out of my sanctuary today, to head to Inverness and Culloden Moor. I was a bit nervous leaving on a whim, but I decided that it was time to be brave. 1,527 more words

Journey Of The Wild Woman