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“Happy, happy, happy !  I’m oh so happy, “ she sang as she skipped along the footpath. Suddenly, she stopped. Looking carefully down at the cracks between the pavers, she stooped to delicately pick something up with the fingers of one hand.  2,357 more words

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Love, Caring, and Understanding

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Love, Caring, and Understanding

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Stay positive, keep smiling, and carry on!  41 more words

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Dating Someone in the Military: On Making New Friends

If you’re just joining me on my “Dating Someone in the Military” series, feel free to check out my posts on dating in the military… 813 more words

Visiting A Friend

It was a couple of months ago, at one of the park parties, I challenged myself to meet some new people. It’s a difficult challenge with my social anxiety but I did meet someone ( 240 more words

Dear Diary

I talked to a french bi – lingual guy

he was homeless

and I loved him cause he speaks two languages

he had his rough accent I presented to understand…

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Baking New Friends

When you’re a kid, you can become best friends with someone simply because you both hate school lunches or gym class. It’s not much more sophisticated when you’re an adult: Chances are, you’ll bond with someone at work when you discover you both loathe your boss, love French films, or nodded off in the same boring meeting. 612 more words