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"Is it a rebound relationship?"

My head is spinning and I don’t know that what my mind wants, is actually what it wants. I also don’t know what is the right thing to do in my situation. 274 more words

Advice Needed

7 Tips To Reduce Your Stress Right Now

It’s Friday. We are all ready for the weekend. Unfortunately, today is the day when all the work seems to pile up and stress you out. 187 more words


My First Kiss. A sloppy experience.

Who doesn’t remember their first kiss?  Mine happened in Robin Robertson’s basement. I think we were in seventh grade.  An Elvis 45 was spinning on the record player.   362 more words

Old School Lovemaking


Making out. Necking. Heavy petting. Everything but…!

We all have our expression for those moments (often teenage) that go so close and yet so far from what we are yearning for. 453 more words

Dear Diary

34 \ Texas Two Step.

September 2014
I met 34 via Tinder. We had a mutual friend in common, in fact it was 15. They were uncannily similar. Both in the same industry, similar looks, and builds. 428 more words


20 \ Deep Purple.

March 2014
I met 20 via OKCupid. She was young, cute, smart. Had her own business, and seemed to have her stuff together. Some chats, and we were soon meeting for an early evening drink. 193 more words


My messed up life

Well, I am really not fond of opening up and has been facing serious issues lately…My doctor tells me that i need to talk about it or else i will end up being miserable… After trying for a long time and many sessions, we established the fact that i cant talk to a person who knows me and who i am. 682 more words