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On having a serious boyfriend

The hand hold is a familiar comfort now, as is his fleece jacket, the forehead kisses. We have kissing jokes; making out alternates between being plain fun and actually sexual. 97 more words

A Lost Art

I miss making out. Not just because I don’t have anyone physically in my life at the moment to make out with. I have someone with whom I would very much like to in point of fact, but that current circumstances prevent such delightful intimacy. 847 more words


Sex in the the on-call room

As much as i love¬†Grey’s Anatomy’s pure fiction, it amazed me how the doctors found the time to be fucking each other as if there are no patients in need of care. 394 more words



We are a spontaneous couple. But the first one wasn’t only spontaneous but it was crazy as fuck too !

After a delicious meal on the dinner table, you wanted some dessert and I wanted you. 462 more words

Would you want to be tied like this

We were both sitting on his couch and looking at some sexy portraits by a well know artist. The almost empty wine bottle was on the table and it seemed as if he and I sat closer with each glass. 389 more words


I Probably Ruined the Mood

04/07/00: First hour, Spanish, was pretty fun. Instead of doing boring exercises, we got to do a little fashion show thing where we made posters and got to draw people and cut out clothes for them. 345 more words


Andy (reunion part 2)

Missed part 1? Read part 1 here.

So this classmate of mine, Andy, who I couldn’t stop looking at all night happens to be the ONLY single guy there. 705 more words