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#4: A Peruvian in America

November 2016

Midway through my week-long romance with Isaac*, the 33-year-old musician/hairdresser I’d met at my friend’s wedding, I hung out with my former bandmate at his amazing apartment in LA. 1,013 more words


Same Sh*t as Always!

Okay, so I have to vent for a hot second here because I somehow fell for the same asshole I’ve dated a million times. Not literally the same person, but the same type…you’d think I’d learned my lesson by now. 545 more words


The thing that happened on my wedding day...

I was honestly NEVER going to tell anyone this story. Seriously. I’m blushing just thinking about typing this one. But it’s a pretty funny story and my husband said it was okay, so… 373 more words

Embarrassing Stories

Your hot baby sitter

“The story I tell is that my first kiss was nine years ago, when I was fourteen, with my now fiancee. False. When I was thirteen, I babysat an eight year old boy. 112 more words



Chaperone: (n) a person who accompanies and looks after another person

Back in the day before phones told us where the hell to go, there was a yearly event called the hayride. 321 more words

C Words

Too cozy for comfort

Tonight via texting I said hi and caught up with a man who has been out of town for a few weeks, with whom I’ve been on a few dates. 683 more words

Totally NSFW. (Not really)

What is with this making out against a wall kink that people have, girls especially? Have you, my dear kinky reader, ever wondered what it is all about? 436 more words