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Who knew?

Who knew that kisses on the neck were like heaven? I suppose those who have done it before. Definitely not I.

I didn’t know that someone’s tongue in my mouth would not feel gross or slimey, but pleasant invasion and tug of war. 248 more words



I may not be as submissive as I thought. I’m still , very much a submissive person, but I do like to please. I have never quite understood, myself, what exactly the Dominant and the submissive do in terms of who pleases who. 162 more words

Tell tale sign...

A few weeks ago, I got a text from Isaac, a guy who I haven’t seen in almost a year. This guy in particular is different than the guys I just fuck. 1,713 more words

Kallie Pygus

Explicit...(adult content)

Just listened to an awesome podcast (Tony Single’s crumbcast) on Intimacy and it really helped. I actually thought I was in the minority. When I was younger, I was highly sexually active…(take it as you may…FYI – I don’t mean numerous sexual partners…I mean I was the height of sexually adventurous with hubby). 194 more words

Being Happy

LOL, Creeps! 

Let’s face it, dating is exhausting. Correction, finding someone worth dating is exhausting. As a woman in my late 20’s it is hard to meet a man worth investing any time and energy into, let alone someone you can stand to sit through a meal with. 815 more words

Online Dating

Welp. hiya!

Finally got back into tghis blog aster years of confusion and I’m gonna try to continue where I left out with the recap of Jake Finds out!. 62 more words

Date With Mr Brett

Update Time!

This one has a bit of intrigue in it, which has never really happened before.

So as you know I went on a date with Brett, where we had a picnic brunch by the park on a beautiful warm winters day. 1,195 more words

Online Dating