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Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 5, Episode 2 – The Lost Weekend

In Joey’s swishy dorm room, she’s telling Dawson she intends to drop her writing class because she’s getting a C. So I guess quitting is better in the ivy leagues than just trying harder. 2,195 more words


Mikey. From Brooklyn.

Do you remember my last post? The one in which I apologized profusely to some stranger guy for “hurting” him? Well, scratch that. I didn’t hurt  1,746 more words

My Enchanted Life

13 Guys You Will Make Out With In College

1. The Arrogant Asshole

This guy sucks. I hate this guy. He’s overconfident and way too sure of himself to even be human. He’s opinionated and always trying to start an argument. 3,773 more words

Tinder Date

I was on a date tonight off of Tinder. It was only my second Tinder date.

“Date” may be too formal a word. It was more of a hang-out. 663 more words


Kissing him after petting his dog, after turning on the stove fire, and after walking out of his room.

I think I love kisses while standing. 14 more words

AYl Movie date

It’s just a date I want to remember.

Cuddling in the back of his car among the blankets. Laughing over how very little of the movie we were watching.  77 more words


Fling? Boyfriend? I don’t know. But I’m definitely enjoying myself.

What I love is that he doesn’t play games – we’re into each other, and there’s no playing it aloof or trying to be the one who cares less. 238 more words