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Holy shit

Holy shit

Holy shit

What the fuck WAS THAT?

Yesterday I was crying outside of Trader Joe’s, and when I returned home, there was an email from the one cute guy I liked on OkCupid that lived in Highland Park and was in an open marriage. 278 more words


TJ and the Weirdest Makeout Session Ever!!!

I have lots of life updates but I’ll put that in a separate blog.  Because this is anonymous, I’m going to go WAYYYYYYY TMI and tell you about THE WEIRDEST MAKEOUT SESSION EVER!!! 642 more words

The "Lesbian"

One Saturday night, I decided that I deserved a “girl’s night out”. I was of legal age at this time so I figured I’d invite one of my co-workers, Beth, to go the bar with me. 1,362 more words


The Paths Not Taken

Looking back on my childhood, there are many things I would do differently. But then, most of my Crazy Modest posts wouldn’t exist. There are times I wouldn’t have been a total jackass. 350 more words



Hey y’all sorry it’s been a little bit since you herd from me. I can’t necessarily say I’ve been good or bad because it changes ever so often. 144 more words

Hi my name is...

So I was told that I should start blogging…I mean I already keep a journal (that i update about once every 2 months) so how hard could it be to transition into blogging? 1,002 more words


Things I've Learned in College I: Reasons Not/To Make Out With Someone's Face

I feel like college is one big learning experience.

I mean, you’re there in the first place to further your education and figure out your passions and what you really want to do when you become  417 more words