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Two near misses, and other stories. 5 things you didn't know about this trip.

There were some things about this trip that we always knew would happen. For example, in case anyone was was in doubt, I have proved definitively that I am better at cycling than I am at picking up the local language, or at sending my postcards on time. 848 more words

Making Progress!


Too often we wait for the perfect moment to work on our goals. Besides, are you sure you’ll be able to recognize the perfect moment when it comes? 278 more words


How can you make progress if...

“We can’t gain any momentum  moving toward tomorrow if we are dragging the past behind us”

Jack Hayford  quote (pastor-Church on the Way)

What a great quote. 79 more words


Middle States Self-Study: Managing the Work

Professor Beatriz Urraca contributed to this post.  Professor Urraca is Associate Professor of Modern Languages, Director of Gender and Women’s Studies, and Chairperson of the Faculty Council Grants and Awards Committee.   378 more words

Self-Study Design


At the risk of sounding all old and philosophical, I’ll say it – life can be mysterious. I mean, how do you explain the painful death of a business after years of slaving away at it while another stumbles on what seemed like a cool idea and… 710 more words

Dear Young Person

Goals Alone Won’t Do

Everyone likes to have goals.  There is something exciting and encouraging about looking to the future and envisioning how it could be.  However, just having a goal is not enough, at least if you want your goal to become a reality.  426 more words

Storming ahead with Pappa J

It started off with a fight (think hi-viz hysteria in the heart of Riga) and ended with an impromptu day in Sweden and reaching the Solidarity Monument in Gdansk, Poland, after 8 days of solid cycling. 815 more words

Making Progress!