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It's time to talk about being too busy


Yes, I know. You’re rushing to get to the next thing, and you don’t have time to read one of my blog posts (which, to be honest, … 1,407 more words

Life And Learning - Thinking Space

Mini Us


How many of us on seeing the Daily Post today,

Thought of ourselves in our young versions,

In our miniature selves,

What memories did it bring to the fore? 28 more words

I DO see it!!!!

Anyone who has struggled with their weight knows that judging progress for yourself can be challenging. Sometimes you don’t see how your body is changing. 237 more words


Welcome Back from Widener Middle States!

We hope our colleagues (and steadfast blog readers) have had a productive and restful summer.  The Middle States team has been working all summer on multiple drafts of the self-study report, and we are just about ready to share the document with the campus community. 126 more words

Making Progress

Melting Pot


Why jeopardise the mix in the melting pot?

When happily they attempt to live together,

Gathering peace and harmony for support,

Each other’s habit made by Our Father, 89 more words

Youth minds

Youthful minds bring fun,

Youthful minds keeps us ageless,

Youthful minds remembers its foolishness,

Youthful minds matures into wisdom,

Youthful minds forever,

Youthful minds surely keeps me young, 7 more words

Country Heat Day 15 Recap

Two weeks done, 2 weeks to go! I’m super happy with how much change I’m seeing. Down 6.6lbs and 2.5″.