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Frederick Asher was the toast of the town, the art exhibition at the prestigious Midler Concorde Museum had art enthusiasts queuing round the block to take a look at the Minimalist work of this unique artist.   35 more words

Same Course Second Time is a Charm

Today’s lesson in my blogging course – the one I took 2 years ago and just barely passed – involved changing a blog to a website. 257 more words



Depending on the self is good,

There are times we have to take the bull by the horns,

Make the decisions and move forward, 45 more words

Homing instinct

Instinct has made the news many a time. How you may ask?  Well, I have always found it fascinating when I read about the cats and dogs that find their way home after the owners had moved from one area to another.   14 more words

Baths v Showers


There’s nothing better,

After a hard day’s work,

To immerse the tired muscles

In a hot, scented and  foamy bath.

The days have gone when this was a lovely experience. 11 more words

Share Patterns


There is a pattern in everything,

The way we talk,

The way we move,

The way we relate.

What is it that you do well? 31 more words

Time and Art

Evolving from time

When visualising Genesis,

A picture forms in the mind,

Early man left caves filled with art,

Modern man with periods of styles, 20 more words