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Model baby boy

The baby was so well dressed, all eyes were on him and his parents.  Was it the little man’s birthday that he had  his mini designer suit on?   51 more words

Grove the Dancers

The drums set the tone for the party,

Throwing in a rhythmic grove,

That got everyone dancing.

Happiness flowed like water,

Meandering through the grass, 13 more words

Charting progress

This is year four of journaling on Valentine’s Day. For a day that I have never cared much about, it seems, I sure do like to write about it. 549 more words

Love After Addiction

Quest for Happiness: Week Five

For this post, I’m not going to dive too much into the ramblings and musings I have surrounding my successes and near (or complete) misses. I’m actually going to write another post about it later this week, as I’ve gotten a lot of feedback throughout this journey and would like to not overload this post talking about both that and my goals. 559 more words

Random Musings

Immigrants Making Progress

A charming newcomer, whom I will call Kay, has asked me about various things that she doesn’t understand. A previous blog post has already discussed the bewilderment she experienced in being told she had to be credentialized—a word that does not exist in the dictionary. 557 more words

Living And Learning

We Raise Our Voices


Why should we tremble at their words?

When we know we stand for fairness.

With voices we declare and decree,

We won’t be taken down that evil road again.

Bonding and fun time


Craft can take various forms, a rewarding one is making playthings out of all the collected items of empty cereal boxes, old wrapping paper, inner tubes of kitchen rolls, plastic tops, etc.   38 more words