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人生之進程 Making Progress 


Written by 盧國禮


測量師時代 (Surveyors Times, January 2017, VOL. 26 NO. 01) 對香港特首 (2017 年) 所發表的施政報告,有以下的評語:

除了已經收集的項目外,評論者對整個建築業有憂慮,因缺乏周詳計劃而將面臨各類難題。例如:「香港 2030+」計劃是否有足夠可發展土地供應,建造成本急升 , . 973 more words

生活的藝術 [The Art Of Living]

Doctor Visit

I was never a kid that was afraid to go to the doctor. A big part of that I’m sure stems from the fact that the Doctor that birthed me is my mother’s best friend and remained my doctor throughout my life. 498 more words


Making Progress

I am learning so much about self-publishing and I haven’t spent a dime. I’m so proud of myself for making so much progress the past week. 182 more words


How Much Should Your Child Practice?

This is not an easy question. There is a spectrum that stretches from “too little” all the way to “too much,” with the problem being it is very hard to describe what these phrases mean. 1,179 more words


5 Misconceptions About Learning Calisthenics Skills

There aren’t any shortcuts to learning new skills in calisthenics. Performance enhancing drugs will help you gain mass and strength, but muscle coordination is obtained through dedicated practice. 580 more words


Stealth Style

             There’s a saying in the Christian mythos about “mysterious ways” in which the Universe works.  From my standpoint, as a practicing pagan, I have to partially agree. 325 more words

Holding on and letting go

I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly clingy parent. I’ve happily let my kids go to play at other people’s homes and have sleepovers from a fairly young age (hey, I’ve even encouraged them – the peacefulness when we have a break from each other can be so lovely!) 459 more words

Making Progress