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Token Economies: How We Get our Kids to Behave

Our Family’s Experiences with “Token” Economies

We get up in the morning, and I REALLY need Dude to get himself dressed.  He may only be 4, but he’s perfectly capable of dressing himself.  2,666 more words


Attract all the good stuff!

You know when you’ve had those times when everything seems to go wrong? Well on my journey, I’ve found out something very interesting that might explain a lot…. 481 more words

Changing Your Life


I recently came across something I wrote years ago. This was before I started therapy, and it’s beautiful to see how things have changed. I still struggle with most of these things, but not to the extent I used to. 144 more words


Celebrating Victories #2

Today, I’d like to celebrate the fact that I am working on the whole self-value, self-care thing.  I also have some visible victories to celebrate, and they aren’t so small.  734 more words

Mental Health

Differences in the ADHD Brain

Parents of ADHD/ODD kids know the look I’m talking about.  It’s that look from strangers in public that says “You really need to make your kids mind!” We get that look a lot.  999 more words


Keep on movin!

I promised myself that I would make a change to my habits and I jumped out of bed this morning and tried the couch to 5K app on my phone.   232 more words

Changing Your Life