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Root out

Root out your problems,

Deep inside you is your armour,

Don’t worry its on your outside too.

Being Free to be Annoyed

I was really annoyed last Saturday at a course I was taking.  And I didn’t think I should be.  And it was obvious.  I was acting like a freaking monster, picking fights left and right.  456 more words

10 Comments - Getting in to Action

I have received ten comments on my blog.  It hit that a week after my goal.  My next milestone is five days from today.  I need 5-15 more comments. 341 more words

I got back in the gym yesterday. The first time in a couple years. I’ve worked out since then. Mostly, walking, small weights, yoga, or stretching. 155 more words


Feedback Requested

Hey guys:

I have a project with an end date of June 12, 2017.   My goal is to have at least 25 blog entries and 50 comments by then. 515 more words

Saying NO

Why is it so hard to say no?  I wanted to tell the guy from last Friday that I was not interested, but I couldn’t. 376 more words



“How pleasing it is to do good to each other, the joy is visibly doubled but invisibly multiplied exponentially.”

Susanna Dziworshie