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Motivation from w.ik.i

It sounds like cliche, but… It really what its all about. Not about not failing, not about not making mistakes. Its about never giving up, making progress, not matter how small it seems. 39 more words


Updates from the Faculty Meeting and a Deep Dive into Accreditation

Today on Inside Higher Ed:  an in-depth look at the relationship between regional accreditors and the federal government, with a focus on accountability.  Our accreditors hold us accountable:  who holds  63 more words

Reading Reflections And Resources

What is the Perfected Self? (Sunday Service)

This is what I understand thus far:


To find your perfected self,

Remove anything that obstructs your understanding & continued evolution.

Your perfect self is not a fixed state; it is the pure flexible essence of evolution. 240 more words

Ailments & Cures

Random Thoughts About Setting Goals and Making Progress

It’s November. Time is flying really fast. Every year it seems to move by quicker than before.

This post is going to be a little bit of rambling through my current thoughts. 618 more words

Modern Alchemy


I told you earlier this week that I’m really concentrating on my strength exercises because they’re so hard for me to do. I can feel the soreness in my upper or lower body the day after I do the exercises, but not so much that I’m really uncomfortable. 59 more words

Quality Of Life

Tt’s Okay that You’d Scored the Lowest of All the Classmates in Your Class, Parenting Advice


We took the advantage of this long weekend, a group of us, old neighbors, gone on a trip, with the adults, as well as, the children too. 499 more words

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