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Prayer Time

Prayer time  is sacred, its good to know that you can make it work in the quietest of places or the noisiest.  Having this relationship with Our Lord God in Jesus Name is so special, one can’t help but be grateful for his blessings.   8 more words



One of the things that makes you unique,

Many forsake theirs for new ones,

But keep your good ones to pass on,

To ground yourself and descendants.

How to make December a time to thrive (and not just survive)

Things certainly have a way of changing, don’t they?

For the last couple of weeks I was raving about how good holidays are, and now we’re in the thick of the end of year rush at work, end of season wind up of kids’ activities (and preparation for life with a son going into Grade 6) and managing life in general. 991 more words

Self Awareness

7 Monday Morning Thoughts

A new day, a new working week.

After a fantastic Sunday and weekend with family and friends, Monday’s can hit us in the face. If we are not careful, we can feel defeated before we have even started. 142 more words


World food share


So much food wasted,

Yet not all are sated,

Share and satisfy,

Give away and exemplify.

No man's land


Is it necessary to continue with puberty rites?

Can useful processes and benefits be woven in modernity?

Can it teach something that carries valour and values? 11 more words

5 Things Leaders Think About

A leaders view is usually different to everyone else. They have already seen where they want to take people. The vision is very clear. Just like standing on the mountain top on a clear day, seeing for miles in full colour, all around, a great panoramic view. 124 more words