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View from the sofa

Things I have learnt in the last few days:

Stomach bugs go through children a lot faster than they go through adults. My boys were ill with a bug for approximately 36 hours each. 179 more words

Mixed Bag

Pack hack

i always feel a bit bad about the amount of packaging Amazon wrap around my purchase so today I decided to reuse the envelope that carried Elder’s first clarinet book to us so abley. 43 more words

Making Stuff

Things that inspire me, August 6

  • I’m inspired by the response I get from posting quick photos of my work and works-in-progress¬†over on my Tumblr, which you can find at…
  • 371 more words
Making Stuff

Pulling out my 1979 copy of the Readers Digest Complete Guide to Needlework for some inspiration and instruction. Did anyone else grow up with this book as the go-to crafting guide? 57 more words

Making Stuff

Currently on my needle

Red merino wool embroidery on stretched tulle, seen here in progress on my lap. I’m calling it “Little Hopes,” and planning to enter it in… 13 more words

Making Stuff

2:132 Make-cation

A quickie today: over the course of this make-cation, I have made lots of little illustrations. I’ve made some headway on couple portraits. I’ve made a million delicious meals (or like… 12 delicious meals. 61 more words

Making Stuff

2:129 Maker's May: That's a Wrap

It’s May, Bishes.

But Rose, you say, it’s been May for over a week now…

As this humble tutorial marks my first appearance in the lustiest month, let me explain: … 457 more words