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Make Your Own Geo Dome

Bring your own wood.


With some plastic sheet you could make interesting shelters and greenhouses with this kit.

When I was little we had jungle gym that was a steel geodesic dome. 24 more words

Making Stuff

Using A 3D Printer To Make Mcmaster Carr Parts, A Let's Build Resource

McMaster Carr has but much of the hardware they sell online as 3D models.  You can use these to make 3D Prints of parts to work out sizes and fit. 120 more words

Making Stuff

Why just climb Mt. Fuji when you can build it with this awesome paper-stacking kit?

There’s an undeniable sense of accomplishment you get from making it to the top of a mountain. Maybe it comes from putting such a long series of steps, each insignificant on its own, to rise to a height where the whole world appears differently. 395 more words


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This looks cool. I don't need another project right now.

Some Fine Gunmaking Videos

The art of fine gunmaking is still a vibrant craft.  Just don’t ask how much one costs.

Holland and Holland

James Purdy

Brock and Norris… 6 more words

Making Stuff

Investment Casting Basics

Essentially you make a wax model put it into plaster and melt the wax out to make the mold.


The good part is that wax is easy to work with.  40 more words

Making Stuff