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Meet The Maker, How Independent Designers Are Disruptive

A good post on makers and guys working in a garage.


Considering the numbers of people I run into and the numbers of people who have basically been removed from working in an  corporate environment that emphasizes playing in a bureaucracy over actual creativity and innovation, a company should be watching their stuff very carefully.

Business Operation

Starting fresh.

Seven months is a long time. That’s how long it’s been since the last time I posted on this blog. How did that happen?

I know why, of course. 509 more words

Making Stuff

The Adam Savage Cave

Adam Savage calls his shop, his cave. Here’s a tour.

His lathe.

Sorting his hardware.

Sortimo is made for ambulances and other vehicles for sorting supplies in them.  228 more words

Making Stuff

How A Katana Is Made Traditionally

Taking bad iron and making good steel.

Another one.

And another one.

Begin Japanology has a video.


How Not To Kill An Arduino, Let's Build Resource

A good guide on how NOT  to make your Arduino lose all it’s magic smoke and give you that burned electronics smell.


2015 edition. 40 more words

Making Stuff

Traditional sake brewing has never looked this cool 【Video】

We’ve written a lot about nihonshu, also known as sake, here at RocketNews24, but it’s not (just) because we love all things alcoholic. Nihonshu… 452 more words


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Brewing Sake, the old fashioned way.