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The Engineer Guy Does Injection Molding

A great video from the Engineer Guy on injection molding.

An overview video.

How it’s Made on making a mold.

Making bottle caps.

How Lego bricks are made. 36 more words

The Practical Effects Of The Star Wars Prequels

It’s generally accepted that the Stars Wars prequels effects were mostly CGI.  Turns out that there was an large amount of practical effects as well. 28 more words

Making Stuff

Become A Dragon

A great instructable on some great costume work.


I wish that she could have shown some more “in process” pics, but still good stuff.

Making Stuff

Playing With Toys


Machine Design recently had sort of a contest for the best toy for STEM. Spoiler: Lego won, but it was a hard fight with some good stuff.  1,035 more words

Making Stuff

Making Jeans

In Japan.

Great little video from Edwin Jeans.


Making Shoes

Ballet shoes:

A wonderful little video. I wonder about the future of that place when the average time in service is over 30 years.

Making Stuff


Last week, I started some new projects for the fall. One is a weekly class on sculptural weaving, taught by artist Nathalie Miebach; we’re studying traditional basket-making techniques, but there’s a lot of leeway for us to experiment with using those techniques to create more innovative sculptural forms. 701 more words

Making Stuff