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Memento mori

Forging I alive
is now invigorated.
Life is too short—for—


Making the most of it ...

With all of us feeling like we are somewhat human again, we decided that we have only one choice.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you make the most of it!!!

Life's Little Lessons

There's Never A Convenient Time For A Leak

When your cleaning up for the night at 9.45pm the last thing you need to hear is tap tap tap at quite a high frequency. … 856 more words

Falling behind!

Well, it is Fall of 2017! can you imagine that! Really! And I am 71 years YOUNG! Ha Ha HA…….


Anyway, this has been a year to say the least! 275 more words

Making The Most Of It

Diagnosing Migraine

I got to thinking today. I am writing a blog about living with Chronic Migraine. Awesome. Spread the Awareness!!! 🤗💖 💖 At any rate, what if someone is suddenly getting severe and frequent headaches and wants to know if migraine is a possibility. 537 more words

Living With Migraine

Building a Migraine Kit

I’ve seen many Pinterest pins about building a travel migraine kit. (See examples here and here) These are really great examples, and I wanted to share my version that I recently put together, since I am expecting an… 296 more words

Living With Migraine

Migraine Buddy

If you are in need of a way to track your migraines to make it easier to talk to your doctor/specialist about your attacks, a… 278 more words

Living With Migraine