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Rottenluck 2016

As the day draws near the title seems more and more relevant.

Rottenluck was originally came to be last year when my band Kilkovec booked a tour in December and our drummer  Tom broke his leg in an accident at work which put him out of action for 12 weeks. 269 more words

Statistics, Failure, and Other Uplifting Topics (No, Actually)

Today, I became a statistic.

(To be fair, you can quantify nearly everything, and virtually anything can be interpreted as a statistic; this can be a rather restrictive and depressing thought, especially if you’re as bad at math as I am.) 459 more words

#134 Hubbie's sick day

So it’s all about being sick, and then better lately. I do not lie – yes we are getting better, with only the occasional cough here and there. 486 more words


Making the most of it ... 

I felt great after my run today. My shin is holding together just fine … well … I guess the athletic tape is holding it together, HA! 120 more words


When Life Lemons Arrive

“When life gives you lemons…”

I haven’t yet created my own ending to this verbiage. A unique and clever twist of my own design still eludes me.

136 more words

to go farther

I came across this the other day and saved it because it hit me like a ton of bricks. In all the low points in my life, when I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep trying, (for anything,) when I thought I was ready to give up all hope, when the shitstorm of life had hit a point of critical mass and it was do-or-die, this is the mentality that got me through it. 198 more words

Mumbling Of An Imbecile

Little Things Mean So Much or IV Therapy Lupus Style For Me

the nurse who was doing my IV was one I had never seen before.  She was young and seemed a bit uncomfortable.  Not that I blame her in the least, my veins aren’t the most cooperative when it comes to needles. 443 more words