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Diagnosing Migraine

I got to thinking today. I am writing a blog about living with Chronic Migraine. Awesome. Spread the Awareness!!! 🤗💖 💖 At any rate, what if someone is suddenly getting severe and frequent headaches and wants to know if migraine is a possibility. 537 more words

Living With Migraine

Building a Migraine Kit

I’ve seen many Pinterest pins about building a travel migraine kit. (See examples here and here) These are really great examples, and I wanted to share my version that I recently put together, since I am expecting an… 248 more words

Living With Migraine

Summer is He...Well, a Very Hot Place...

For migraineurs, that is. Migraines are frequently triggered by environmental stimuli, allergies, weather, whatever. In the summer, we are dealing with so many possible triggers including (but not limited to) heat, extremely humid or dry conditions, elevations of pollen levels, and summer storms that lead to fluctuating barometric pressure levels. 1,840 more words

Living With Migraine

An Letter for Children with Migraine

Recent studies are pointing towards Chronic Migraine being a genetically inherited disease over a random neurological condition. So, parents or potential parents who suffer from migraine, there is a good chance that one or more of your children will, too. 418 more words

Living With Migraine

The World: “Wait, so your migraines are triggered by sunlight, storms, heat, and humidity? Why do you live in Florida?”

Me: “I also get migraines during a dry, December evening in Massachusetts.

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Living With Migraine

The Weird Symptoms of Migraine

Everyone should know by now that no two migraineurs are alike, and no two migraines are alike. This is why we really hate when near-strangers just  1,635 more words

Living With Migraine

Treatment Without Medication

When I posted about Rebound Headache, I intended to include a list of my favorite med-free reliefs in the same entry. However, since that post got a bit long, I decided to make a separate post to talk about ways to treat migraine pain… 2,136 more words

Chronic Migraine