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K is for Kindness

There is nothing quite like kindness.  We have an opportunity to choose so much about us.  About what kind of person we are going to be, what legacy we will leave after we are gone. 180 more words


J is for Joy

I have written a couple of posts on Joy before.  You can find them here. Dedicate: Joy   JOY (Positive Energy Part II)

The idea behind choosing Joy is one that I have been getting behind for awhile now.  348 more words


E is for Energy

I had a difficult time deciding between Energy or Energetic.  They both fit my personality so much.  However, I realize that many people feel that they can’t be energetic due to health issue or extenuating circumstances.  477 more words


E is for Energy Pt.2

This was the quote on my gratitude app this morning. I felt that it really went with my #atozchallenge post from this morning. E is for Energy


D is for Driven

“Determined to Succeed: Highly Energetic and Motivated.”

Being driven in life is something that I take great pride in.  I am a very organized and scheduled person, which leads me to be a pretty driven person as well.  314 more words


B is for Believe

One of the very best things that you can do for yourself and your health, both mental and physical is to believe.

Believing is to feel sure of something.  223 more words


A is for Abundance

The wallpaper on my cellphone currently says “I see abundance everywhere.”

It is way too easy to get focused on the negative.  No one is trying to say that there isn’t anything negative in their lives.  186 more words