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How Idols found place in the Ka'aba during Pre-Islamic Era??

Most of the Pre-Islamic Arabs complied with the call of Prophet Isma’il Alaihissalaam and professed the Islam of his father Nabiyana Ibraheem Alaihissalaam, They had worshipped Allah, Professed Allah’s Oneness and followed the religion of Truth for a long time until they forgot a part of the message of what they had been reminded of. 503 more words


Hidden illustrations

This is a video of the first English translation of the Quran printed in 1734 in England. It has gold around the sides of the holy book. 217 more words

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Catatan Umrah November : Maka, nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan.

Bismillah. Sesak dada ini sejak semalam. Banyak sangat perasaan yg berkepuk di dada sehingga menyesakkan empunya diri. Lantas selepas sahaja solat maghrib, empunya diri tumbang kerana tidak tertahan lagi. 2,581 more words


Sandstorm in Saudi Arabia

While living in Saudi Arabia, I have encountered a natural phenomenon several times which I never experienced before. People living in middle east are quite familiar with it. 273 more words

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As we had a shifting package the first part of our journey began in Aziziyah. Aziziyah is a small town close to Makkah. On a normal day it would be a 10-15min car journey to the Mosque but during the busier times (Hajj & Ramadan) it can take up to 30-45mins. 343 more words


Making Hajj in a Wheelchair

Although the Hajj isn’t obligatory for disabled Muslims, nevertheless, a strong desire to make this spiritual homecoming pulls on the heartstrings of every Muslim.

In past ages, the physical challenge of Hajj was far more rigorous than our air-conditioned era of caretaker travel agencies, convenient mass transit and comfortable accommodations. 929 more words