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Arafah unseen - Photojournalism

These photos are from when I first started photographing so my skills wasn’t that good in capturing good scenes, plus I carried I tele-photo lens which didn’t help a lot. 187 more words


The Night of Power and the revelation of the Qur'an

The city of Makkah where Muhammad lived was a busy centre for trade. People worshipped many different gods and goddesses, often in the form of statues or idols. 244 more words


Kaaba regains its majestic look

CLEAR VIEW: With the temporary mataf bridge partially dismantled, worshippers can now view the Kaaba right after entering the Grand Mosque.


Published — Monday 18 April 2016… 158 more words


Umra 2016

Seperti sudah biasanya agenda dua tahunan adalah recharge alias umroh. Iya biar seimbang dunia akhirat, mosok traveling dan raving mulu, sesekali ngerave nyari pahala lah. Biar selalu inget ama yang Diatas kan? 829 more words


Children are a gift from Allah, the Most High

Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most compassionate.

All praises and glory belong to Allah.  The Lord of the worlds and owner of the day of Judgement. 2,554 more words


Imam Shaamil Rahimahullah: A Great Mujadid of Islam

Throughout history the Islamic faith has been known to produce great men and women in all spheres of human activity; be it theologians, engineers, inventors, travelers, mathematicians or political leaders, the list of talent is endless!  893 more words


Umrah 2016-What you need

I think its time to share my amazing trip to Makkah and Medina!

A few months ago, me and my 40 other family members (I know we’ve got a big family mashallah!) returned from quite possibly the best holiday ever. 480 more words