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Ramadan Homeschooling Plans

This week has really been preparation week! I finally have time to think, reflect and prepare for Ramadan like I’ve never done before! I have never really organised how I’ll work through my Ramadan weeks, except maybe try to recite Qur’an throughout the month. 308 more words


Ringkasan Landasan Ketiga dari Al-Ushul Ats-Tsalatsah

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Ringkasan dari landasan ketiga kutaib Al-Ushul Ats-Tsalatsah. Sebuah kitab kecil karya Asy Syaikh Muhammad Ibnu Abdil Wahhab At-Tamimi -rohimahullohu ta’ala-. Kutaib yang masyhur di kalangan para penuntut ilmu syar’i. 222 more words


What Do You Mean By Mediation

Life is a combination of ups and downs and no one is free from the worries of life. When you are in any kind of problem, you always look for a solution to that problem so that you can come out of it smoothly. 361 more words



The Holy Quran was not revealed all at once, different verses (ayats) of Holy Quran were being revealed at different time periods and therefore it was not possible in the beginning to write it properly and preserve verses in a form of book So during the initial days of religion Islam, major and basic emphasis was laid on memorizing the revealed verses as a means of preserving the Holy Quran. 407 more words


Reviewing, Stamping, Reminiscing

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful…

The highlight of these wonderful days for me is our nightly opening of a box of books or two,  stamping them into the 1MM Library Trust.  322 more words

Library Content

11th Hour 4th May 2017


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