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Rindu Ramadhan

Walaupun Ramadhan masih 2 bulan lagi, kita berharap Semoga masih diberi umur yg berkah dan kesehatan, semoga Allah SWT pertemukan kita dengan Ramadhan tahun ini dan Ramadhan berikutnya, Aamiin …. 213 more words

Umrah & Haji

Travelogue: Umrah 2015: Part 7 - The first look at Kaaba...

Finally the moment came when we would actually see the Kaaba, the center to which every Muslim faces when praying, the house that is the most sacred place on earth. 463 more words


God and the Legend of Zelda - By Ben

If you’ve never played or heard of The Legend of Zelda, you’re probably over 40 and your kids don’t own a Nintendo system.

But a quick catch up, the… 464 more words


Travelogue: Umrah 2015 - Part 6: Travelling to MakKah

Finally the day came when we had to go to Makkah for the actual task that we intended to do, i.e. the Umrah. Our travel arrangements were part of the Umrah package, hence we were informed a day before of the time we had to leave. 475 more words


Makka Madina Live Wallpaper | Makkah Madina Wallpapers

Makka Madina Live Wallpaper | Makkah Madina Wallpapers | Makka | Madina |

Introduce you to the New Live Wallpaper “Makkah Madina Live Wallpaper New”

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Oh, how I miss Saudia 😢

Woe to the best place I’ve ever been…I miss Saudia soooo much! I’ve experienced the best of experiences there and hope and pray to do so again, in the near future. 68 more words


Truly my journey in Saudia Arabia has been an experience. From the blessed cities of Makkah and Madinah, to industrious Jeddah…this journey has been heart warming. 301 more words