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Seeing Other People: The Blindspot Festival Presents Blind Date #2

The world of romantic relationships can be a very scary place these days. With internet dating and facebook poking and text messaging replacing actual verbal communication (I blame those… 978 more words


Rambling Man: Makoto Hirano's Boom Bap Tourism

Do you ever have that feeling, looking back on your younger self, that younger you would have really benefited from a swift slap to the face? 1,015 more words


Hit me baby one more time: Team Sunshine Performance Corporation's Punchkapow

There may have been a time that little boys were made from snails and puppy dog tails, but those days are over, at least, if… 731 more words


Asian Arts Initiative: Edge of the World

This in from my friend, T.D. at the Asian Arts Initiative. Be sure to go, it sounds like a great time! I’ll be there :) 233 more words