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The Life and Times of Tun Fatimah Srikandi Melaka

One of the most inspiring icons of the Malaccan Empire is Tun Fatimah, the last Sultanah of Malacca. Tun Fatimah is the daughter of Bendahara Tun Mutahir, the Prime Minister during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah a.k.a The One Who Got Us Colonised. 2,637 more words


Between Preserving Heritage and Observing the Faith – The Malay Royals

One of the prevailing cultural legacies the Malays have inherited from their ancestors is the monarchical system of nine sultans who act as constitutional monarchies in their respective states. 790 more words


Joget Si Pinang Muda Lyrics

Wahai cik abang adik bertanya My dear man I would like to ask
Hatimu yang kasih apalah tandanya x2 Your loving heart, what is the sign x2… 1,415 more words


Lenggang Lenggok (Swinging and Swaying) lyrics

And now for something more upbeat. Like the previous ghazal tunes Memikat Janda (Charming a Divorcee) and Dia Datang (Here She Comes), Lenggang Lenggok (Swing and Sway) is a song dedicated to women – her captivating sways, her charming smiles, her glistening black Pantene locks…you get the idea. 1,534 more words


Seri Langkat - Jamal Abdillah & Amelina (Lyrics)

Seri Langkat Kuala Tungkal, amboi Seri Langkat Kuala Tungkal, oh my
Padi pulut enak rasanya, sayang Glutinous rice it’s so delicious, my love
Kalaulah kail, kalaulah kail panjang sejengkal … 1,933 more words

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Joget Tari Melenggang Lyrics

This video features the song Joget Tari Lenggang (Swaying Dance Joget), also known as Joget Pahang, named after the state in Peninsula Malaysia famous for huge swathes of the oldest rainforest in the world (yes, we Malaysians and our never-ending quest for Guinness book glory). 1,152 more words

Maksud Perkataan

Dia Datang! (Here She Comes!) Lyrics

In the second part of what I hope will be a continuing series featuring traditional Malay tunes, I’ve picked another ghazal song by the King of Gambus the late Fadzil Ahmad. 1,257 more words