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Penland Project - Ondulé Weaving

I wrote before about my experiences at Penland this summer, but I have yet to show off what I actually made! If you’ve been waiting, I finally found some time to take good photos of my projects. 1,762 more words


Finished Object - Botanic Broncos Hat

What a quick knit! I finished this in under a week and I’m ready to cast on one for me.  Last January a friend mentioned she might like a Broncos hat. 457 more words



First up: new pattern! It’s called Squidlegs. It is a scarf.

Second order of knitting-related business:

I am very far behind on my 2017 goals regarding the pattern shop, which in some ways is bad (obviously: I am very far behind on my 2017 goals regarding the pattern shop), but in some ways is possibly good (I am still intent on pursuing them, so that means twelve patterns spread out over the next eight weeks, more or less, and it would be good for me to see what happens when patterns are released more consistently and on a quicker schedule). 55 more words


Cosmic Baby Blanket

One of the last knits I finished before Jude was born was a second blanket. I was so bored with the process of knitting his… 435 more words


Something Cozy

I remember when I first got back into knitting as an adult, there were a lot of easy patterns being written for small household projects. This was back in 2005 or so, at the very dawn of online pattern publishing, and back when the standards for patterns was way more DIY than today. 609 more words


Hour 5

Finished The Good Soldier. I thoroughly enjoyed the sarcasm of the narrator and the bouncing around in the story held my attention.

Now on Chapter three of… 86 more words