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Forår og fibre!

Spindeprojekterne (oh, de er mange!) skrider roligt fremad, alt imens jeg også strikker lidt på en nederdel. Det er en venindenederdel, og jeg strikker den sammen med Elisabeth. 451 more words

April's Finished Objects (yes, plural!)

Wow – 2 finished objects this month!!  I’m so impressed with myself.  The first was a pieces which was commissioned by a friend.  She requested a spring infinity scarf in a light blue color.   268 more words


Fan Shawl Reprise

My very good friend’s mother saw my blog and decided that she should have the fan shawl I made for another friend’s mother.  She’s been a surrogate mother to me for over two decades, so I most certainly set out to make it happen. 69 more words


Yarn Along— 15.

I finished my first pair of socks! One more wonderful thing that seems to be happening lately. And I can cross it off my goal list. 285 more words



The Benton Cardigan is actually moving along quite quickly. It helps that it’s just about the only thing I’m knitting while I’m at home. My poor… 240 more words


Little Joys— 10.

Wherein I share the little things this week that made me smile.

This pizza that Adam and I made over the week. It’s football shaped because we only have a cookie tray to cook it on. 100 more words


More butterflies!

i wanted to share my next project with you. It is another pair of my latest design, Split Butterflies. I gave my first pair away to my best friend, Michele, so I needed to have a pair to keep for me. 16 more words