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Zhong Tai Restaurant 中泰食館 -酒店斜對面吃午餐 ➡ Straits Hotel and Suites Melaka 桃浦泰勒斯海峽套房酒店 -享受游泳與桑拿時光 ➡ Nadeje Plaza Mahkota -品嚐千層蛋糕” ➡ Malacca Straits Mosque มัสยิด 馬六甲海峽清真寺 -欣賞浮動清真寺之夜 ➡ Straits Hotel and Suites Melaka -23rd高樓品嚐正宗泰國餐➡ 酒店對面Ant Bar 小酒吧 -死黨小飲談心 741 more words

Malaysia 馬來西亞

Jennie's Delight @ Saturday Ice Cafe

This coffee shop was highly recommended by a colleague who frequently explores Malacca on bicycle. Located opposite the Ong Kah Yong Temple along Jalan Parameswara, this decrepit looking shop serves one of the best wanton noodles in town. 433 more words

Malacca Food

Restoran Yung Lai Siang

We love to have something soupy for lunch and during our short trip to Malacca last week, Vinn mentioned that he wanted to sample what the local prawn noodles tasted like. 357 more words

Malacca Food

Restoran Asam Pedas Claypot @ Kota Laksamana

Asam Pedas, directly translated to English means “sour and spicy”. There are various versions of this dish but i am almost certain that the best version can be found in Malacca, especially since the cuisine here is strongly influenced by the local culture which include a blend of Malay, Chinese and Portuguese flavours. 315 more words

Malacca Food