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Okra at Kocik Kitchen

Item: Okra at Kocik Kitchen
Date: January 20, 2018
Location: Kocik Kitchen, Malacca/Melaka, Malaysia

Kocik Kitchen is a restaurant in Malacca that serves authentic Peranakan food. 59 more words


Melaka City

Take one day to walk around Melaka city center near Jonker Street aka the Chinatown of this city which consist of rows and rows of interesting lanes filled hundred years old building mostly under UNESCO heritage conservation program. 83 more words


Tea Time in the Peninsula

It’s 3.30pm and it’s a warm humid mid-afternoon and the kettle whistles across into the hall.Teaspoons start ringing the sides of ornately decorated tea cups,local pastry(kuih-muih) and cakes that have hints of colonial influences. 90 more words


Thursday at Malacca. We watched Jurassic World. Quick sketch outside the cinema. #artjourney1000days #quicksketch #malacca #airbnb #A2607

Drawing & Painting


Malacca riverside.

The weather was scorching! We visited several museums. A lot of inspiring ideas. I’m falling in love with Malacca! #artjourney1000days #quicksketch #malacca #malaccaart #malaccariver #lovemalacca

Drawing & Painting

A Famosa Melaka

Time for my itchybackside to return to the most historical city in Malaysia, Melaka or Malacca just 2 hours drive from KL. This little part of the city probably contains a few hundred years of historical buildings, items and events starting with this used to be a Portuguese fort built around 1511, no kidding, or whats left of this fort and city wall. 63 more words