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Kindle reads: The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo

Remember I said used to have over 200 copies of books lying or stashed around in my room? After I got my Kindle Paperwhite, I’ve not looked back and have tried to give away or donate most of my books. 249 more words


Family Gap Year Adventures, Chapter 9 - Malaysia

After two months in wonderful Thailand, our visas threaten to run out, and it is time to move south. Our next destination is Malaysia, and this is going to be an experience of culture and nature, the peninsular part with its history and traditions, the cities along the strait of Malacca tempting with their stories of trade, pirates and sailors, an echo of the enchanting past still resounding in the modern world of today. 2,555 more words


Hello Kitty, Trishaws and River Cruises

Two public buses took us from Kuala Lumpur to the historic city of Malacca in the south of Malaysia. Malacca was recognised as a World Heritage Site, which it proudly boasts all over the city. 230 more words



You should have no doubt. If you are an expatriate living in Asia you will never be considered a local by the locals. No matter how fluent you become in the language or how much you believe you have assimilated the culture, in the eyes of the citizens of your adopted home you are and always will be a “foreigner”, or even mistaken for a “tourist”. 595 more words


22.06.15 Goodbye Malacca - Hello Penang

Vomiting after breakfast, again. Just falling beck over in bed, again. Travel day, again. 531 more words


21.06.15 Sightseeing in Malacca

After eating breakfast, then returned it, I’m ready to go out with Katja to sightseeing in Malacca. 769 more words