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Malachite for Women

One of my absolute favorite healing mineral gemstones is Malachite.
Many people find Malachite overbearing or overwhelming to work with. For those on the quieter side, it provides the gift of outspokenness and the ability to express blunt honesty. 102 more words

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Malachite: I go with the flow.

Go with the flow. Kind of complicated if you think about the flow being something that might not be the right direction! Also does this mean to just laze around and let things happen? 122 more words

Gemstone Source Tip: Crystal River Gems in Pittsburgh

I am a gemstone and crystal hoarder. I’m not an expert in rocks and minerals, but I am a zealous enthusiast and for the most part, can identify most common stones. 888 more words


Amethyst + Malachite

My two favorite things in one photo.

Amethyst candle holder on top of a malachite side table


Crystals for Capricorns

As a goat girl myself here are some stones I recommend for Capricorns. Some you may not feel drawn to them which is fine….no two people are the same regardless of the sign they may share due to the personal nature of everyone’s birth chart. 330 more words

"Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel" Chapter Three

Gross Indecency: An Otherworld Novel will eventually be edited and put on sale, but for now, I figured as we worked on it, we would also release the chapters for free. 3,565 more words

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Marbled Marvels..

It’s that time of year: sick children…one coughing her way through the night which is the natural equivalent of chinese water torture, the other with a weeping ear and suspected perforated eardrum.   100 more words