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Thanking my goddess

I laid down thinking about how much better my blood sugar has been these past few days and the heartburn I’m feeling for not keeping my promise (I ate pizza ūüė∑)… And when I closed my eyes I pictured my beautiful heart-shaped malachite stone sitting in its glass case. 74 more words


My knees go wobbly and feel numb as I get up to get some cushions so I can be more comfortable on this chair and write about Ulla. 1,717 more words


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Chapter 1.0: Skilling Adventures with the Harwoods

Last chapter Kunzite, the third and final child was, born. The twins were skilling machines and Malachite was named heir.  Paolo got a promotion (I almost typed bro-motion, I kid you not!) to the bodybuilder branch of the athletic career. 1,026 more words


Chapter 0.3: Precious Pearls

Welcome back to another chapter of the Harwood Legacy! Last time Pearl met and married Paolo Rocca, and they are super adorable together! They had the twins Malachite and Garnet, both of whom are creative. 1,368 more words


Building a Dining Table, Part Three: Assembly and Inlay

Each stage of building this table has had its unique challenges.  First it was cutting usable lumber out of some pretty seriously damaged boards.  Then it was surfacing everything by hand.   909 more words

Wood And Woodwork