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Mayonaise Malaise

Just to be clear, despite its name, the Little Boy’s Bush is gender neutral and trans-friendly.

We’re an equal opportunity comic with equal elimination facilities. 8 more words

Comic Commentary

Ineffectual Malaise

America, I no longer wish to heal your wounds. I see your wounded nursing bruises from swift kicks received on the Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and a few times every Valentines’. 313 more words


automne malade

Automne malade et adoré. 

It’s the first line of a poem I love. Apollinaire describes autumn as “sick and loved,” lonely and liminal. He writes: 359 more words


Should You Quit Social Media?

Excerpt from this article:

“I am thinking of getting rid of my cell phone, signing off of all social media and moving to a log cabin out in the woods.

192 more words

Let Them Eat Fake

I’ve been kind of sporadic with my posts lately.  Much of it has been trying to avoid the venom and bile – or piss and vinegar, if you’d prefer – of the election.   434 more words


Tonight.. I’m just not feeling it. Doctor’s appointments today went well and I got a referral to a surgeon for my jaw. I’ve lost 10lb in the last 3 weeks. 104 more words

An Aching Head

Caught up in the tangle of his own mind
He seeks to reason with the marks of the rope
For where, on his skin, they make deep creases… 114 more words