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Up and Out!

Recently, a friend of mine whom I have always experienced as being optimistic and full of life—always ready to for the next adventure–told me he was feeling out of sorts; that he was feeling “blah” and kind of “down.” Even though we’ve spent a great deal of time together I’ve never known him to be like this. 810 more words

Theological Reflections

Apology Before the Fact

***I couldn’t find an appropriate image to convey how I was feeling–not a non copyright one  anyway.  Also, I noticed that I had forgotten to put a photo on the previous post.  240 more words
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Malaise Malignant - a poem

The strength of touch is sometimes too much,

Now nothing shall caress this frame, stuff

Of the outside will fall, collapse, against

This armour of malaise, unfeeling internal,



Monday Melancholy


I’m typically not one to dwell in malaise and melancholy, but this morning, I’m feeling a little bit of it.

It’s July 10, and vacation is over for our family. 465 more words

On Life

Close to the Ground: "Dying on a skateboard is queer because it blurs the skate/die binary"

First up I want to extend an invitation to anyone out there making art to survive to join us in two months when we launch the first issue of the magazine. 406 more words


On Being a Social Being

Humans are social beings. We are surrounded by monuments to this truth. Yet, in many ways, nothing reveals it more starkly than the sheer effort undertaken by depressive episodes to promote isolation and malaise. 626 more words

Picture of Malaise

Drew a picture, half asleep,
Sunshine and a fountain
And of toys you put away
And pine for quietly when life is loudest. 109 more words