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Right Now

Right now I am wearing tie dye and counting down the days on my fingers. I have about sixteen days left in this strange land they call Texas. 800 more words


Il s’est installé il y a quelques jours et je n’arrive toujours pas à comprendre pourquoi il est là, ce qu’il essaye de me dire. 287 more words


Today's Thought: Spiritual Ambivalence

Praying the Names of God: spiritual ambivalence. It’s a condition in which one foot is planted in God’s kingdom while the other is still planted in the world

Daily Thoughts

How To Decide If You Should Give Up On Writing Forever, Because You Feel Like You're Not Getting Anywhere (With Asides!)

Every once in a while, because it’s a Tuesday, or because your spouse didn’t read your story, or because the cat looked at you funny, or because your best friend texted right as you were about to write, and it distracted you, you suddenly come face-to-face with a looming maw of amalgamated fear, loathing, and distress. 817 more words


Good Vibes?

After a very long day I could use some good vibes.  Good vibes are in short supply at the moment.

Today was a day that I just could not seem to accomplish anything meaningful.   704 more words


In Death’s Foreplay

Don’t flirt with her, they’d say, always
Not the worst cohort, nor the best of mates!
Though enchantress, with a sweet malaise
Which destiny’s lie, fate’s truth, awaits! 95 more words



It really sucks when you feel, at the same time, that you haven’t really done anything objectively wrong but you’ve made a big mistake. There’s not much to be done about it. 1,073 more words