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It's My Malaise and You're Welcome to It: Part One

Shakespeare was right: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow is the petty pace at which our lives creep in from day to day. At least that’s how it feels when you’re a wage slave. 1,313 more words


I’m finding my path.

Everything was loud yesterday.
I need to ambulate
is what the doctor says
if I malaise for too long
I will be really sick. 53 more words



The items
We know how to sort them
But what will you do?
If your items are not what you think they are
An outlet for the druggies not on the black market… 45 more words

Irritated? Tired all the time? Could be the Hurried Woman Syndrome, a modern day malaise

Affecting as many as 30 million women each year, the Hurried Woman syndrome can leave you feeling irritable, tired all the while, find sleep difficult, difficult to keep weight down (or steady), low libido. 982 more words


WRVTH premiere video for " Malaise" CHECK IT OUT !!! @wrvthofficial

Check out the video for ” Malaise”  gets its premiere over at decibelmagazine.com WRVTH blew the world away with their self titled album that came out about a month ago. 61 more words



I loathe that number.  I have seen that number for coming up on three years.  What does it stand for?  Malaise and fatigue, which my doctor’s office hilariously shortens to “Malaise and Fat” on their printouts.   638 more words

Being Sick


Depression and I are no strangers to each other. But this slow creeping, insidious malaise that snuck up on me is new. It seems to me that things become habit and habit became commonplace and commonplace became automatic and whammo – I woke up this morning on the verge of… 435 more words