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From 30 degrees in September to minus 5 in January

As you might have noticed if you peruse this blog occasionally, I tend to update in dated bursts. This is because electricity and internet are both finite resources at my place. 259 more words

Black dog days

Cherish your lunatic heart
it beats with the force
of every hellish ghoul
burning in the underworld
kiss your lovers goodbye
no room for romance in the… 81 more words

In English

Weekend Coffee Share (1/15/17)

#WeekendCoffeeShare is graciously hosted by Diana at ParttimeMonsterBlog.com.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the snow from last week is lingering on. There’s been no new snowfall, but temperatures have remained too cold for much of it to melt. 296 more words


Let Failures Lie

Pampered, socially supported
education would have been preferable
but I don’t belong to the elite,
and this malaise disrupts
any hope for success.

Learn best in the trenches, 221 more words


Booji Boi Skates: A brief glance at the yeah

The future! Or what’s left of it.

To any soul-crushingly rare few who knew of Malaise in the past as a “SKATE/PUNK” fanzine which, tragically, self-immolated leaving a carcass shaped smear under a hastily written sign that read “TO BE CONTINUED” about who-cares shy of mid-2015, your prayers have been answered! 621 more words


Un peu de compassion

Le stress au travail, les nuits incomplètes, un enfant malade, les tensions familiales,… insidieusement, les petites difficultés de la vie deviennent difficiles à gérer.

Alors bien sûr, vous vous secouez, vous vous dites que  vous n’avez pas perdu de proche, que vous ne connaissez pas la guerre, la famine, que les vôtres ne sont que des problèmes de luxe. 389 more words


Maman, pourquoi mon pénis est dur?


Bon no filter.

On est arrivé en 2017.

On va parler des vraies affaires ici. Arrêtons de jouer à l’autruche concernant cette histoire de zizi… 966 more words