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Summer Reads!

Hello Readers! Although I know I am a bit late blogging this week, I just want to offer up some recommendations for summer reading! These have been my personal favorites this summer, and I hope you will like them, as well! 374 more words


Friday Favorites!

I want to begin posting the five best things I read, saw, or thought of on Friday Favorites but maybe didn’t have time to mention in my blog.  323 more words


My new heroes: Pharrell and Malala

I wonder how far beyond “Happy” this Pharrell will go?

Could he be a lyrical inspiration globally for thoughtful youth?

If I were a reporter again, I would like to be off chasing the hopeful, non-violent leaders of the new world. 163 more words


Malala Merayakan Hari Lahirnya Bersama Pengungsi Suriah

Malala Yousafzai, aktivis wanita asal Afghanistan, merayakan ulang tahunnya yang ke-18, Minggu (12/7/2015). Dia dianugrahi sebagai penerima Nobel Perdamaian pada tahun 2014. Saat ini ia merayakan ulang tahunnya di dekat perbatasan Suriah bersama para pengungsi yang menjadi korban perang saudara. 304 more words


Education is the Answer

Education enables girls to achieve their rights.  It empowers girls with confidence and independence.  It provides girls with a path out of poverty, and it gives girls hope for a better life. 455 more words

Featured Organizations

Malala: A garota que nunca se calou

“Uma criança, um professor, uma caneta e um livro podem mudar o mundo”. Essa famosa frase foi proferida por Malal Yousafzai em seu discurso a Organização das Nações Unidas no dia 12 de julho de 2013, no seu aniversário de 16 anos. 775 more words


A letter to Pakistani sister

Here’s your brother from India wishing a happy birthday to the Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban, who stood up for the girls’ right to education and also the youngest Nobel laureate. 547 more words