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Malasadas: The Hawaiian Donut.... that people forget is actually from Portugal

Three Christmases ago, my parents bought me Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home.  After opening the small, thin package, I really just flipped through the recipes, admired the many fantastic photos of doughnuts and glazes, and put it on a shelf in my brother-in-law’s kitchen (I was splitting time between his house and my parents’ house at the time, helping take care of my twin niece and nephew). 914 more words

Sweet Dishes


Oh my, I don’t know where to begin describing the wonderful-ness that is the Malasada. Just thinking about these warm, sweet, delicious treats brings back the best childhood memories. 81 more words

Yummy Food

A Sweet Success: Punahou74 at the 2015 Punahou Carnival

One word for the work that Punahou74 did at the 2015 Punahou Carnival: SWEET!

While sharing of the malasada tent this year with Punahou70 meant that Punahou74 was fewer in number, the enthusiasm felt during our shift was as strong as ever. 389 more words


Branding the Punahou Carnival: Booth Names

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So says Juliet to Romeo. She wants him to know that she loves the person who is called “Montague” but not the name itself. 778 more words

Punahou School



お店の名前はSimply Sweets Bakery




そして、この日は新作も紹介してくれました。その名も“Da Bomb!”





Simply Sweets Bakery

1910 E. Vineyard St. Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 269-2113… 13 more words

スイーツ / カフェ

Less than Two Weeks: Volunteer NOW for Punahou74 at Ewa Malasadas

The annual plea. Please answer … yes!

It’s that time of the year again. Time to volunteer for the great Punahou74 Carnival shift at Ewa Malasadas. 191 more words


The Great Tokyo Vegan Donut Quest

When my friends came to visit me in Tokyo last July, we set out on an epic quest, a quest for an treasure so rare and delightful that at first we doubted it’s very existence:  the vegan Tokyo donut.   801 more words