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Grabbing our way around Manila

We woke up really late, and by the time we ventured out of the hotel, it was already close to 12 noon 😂 Wayyy past the breakfast window at the hotel. 232 more words


Magnesium Deficiency, Benefits and Types Best for You! Who Knew?

Did you know that there are MANY types of magnesium formulations that actually help your body in different ways? Magnesium is a mineral that our bodies need to function correctly. 245 more words


Food Spotlight: SSC Shawarma Snack Bar

Nothing gets us more excited than a good ride and good meal. Kuya Kim being a resident of Manila for years has always mentioned SSC Snack Bar for having good Indian food and Turkish Coffee. 310 more words


Malate and the Global Bohemian

Before SG and HK, there was MNL. Global commerce found solace in the robust corridors of Manila, thank you to the majestic galleons parking in our ports. 310 more words


I <3 Malate: My first ever food crawl!

Yes, I am a food crawl newbie. I have received invitations in the past but it always conflicted with my schedule. When I got another invitation thanks to… 120 more words