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In praise of the resourceful Nigerian

Nigerians are go getters…you just have to admire their fighting spirit. While there are many Nigerian conmen out there (who over the decades have tarnished the reputation of Africa, and Africans), there are many more honest and hardworking Nigerians doing some very interesting things – involved in some innovative businesses, so it’s no overstatement to say we can all learn from their ingenuity… 820 more words


A Year that was...2015!

So 2015 has been a great year for me. If I sum up all the events that shook my life this year,  I am literally thankful and I can only wish for greater moments of 2016. 1,495 more words

Ode to Senga Bay

Upon visiting Senga Bay and meeting many of the people who lived there I decided to make a video as a tribute to their smiles, kindness and way of life.

Bad-mouthing a country

The other week President Peter Mutharika of Malawi said that Malawians should not bad-mouth Malawi. That people shouldn’t say negative things about the country.

Although I see his point, in that he would like a more positive message about Malawi to be visible, especially to foreigners, I was left wondering, how can one not comment on the things that are going wrong in the country when very little seems to be done to prevent against them; when those in power come across as either not caring, or are preoccupied with self-enrichment to take serious note of the needs of the populace. 523 more words


NewYork is Calling

I have always wanted to go to New York, after having been in the USA for seven years I finally decided to pack my bags. 134 more words

The City That Never Sleeps

I haven’t posted in a while, due to work, school and plain laziness. I think its’ about time I started back up :)

I decided to get off social media for a month or three due to some personal reasons, but no worries your girls’ back lol… 77 more words

"I Will Marry When I Want"- Woman Crush Wednesday


A couple of months ago I was thrilled to hear that my country, Malawi, officially raised the legal marriage age for girls from 15 to 18 years old. 301 more words