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Fireman (is not a superhero)

I… wha-Um… Why is this a good movie? No, really, this is a good movie. No, Not great – good. But wha-? Huh!?

Okay let me back up a bit. 502 more words

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I can’t review this film until I know what it’s about. As it is, this is more an attempt to understand the film than a review of it. 422 more words

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Welcome to New Face Magazine


NewFace to ornament Malayalam cinema. NewFace emanates with a bang from the many existing film magazines, with its fresh style, content, and uniqueness. 241 more words

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I imagine being an ambulance driver is a very demanding job. You have the enormous responsibility of ensuring that patients under your care get to the hospital in time. 672 more words

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Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu

Aw, my head hurts.

I really want to write something positive about this movie but, it just won’t let me.

Um, let’s see here, uh… oh, right, the editing. 659 more words

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Mariyam Mukku

The simple people of the eponymous village of Mariyam Mukku are really excited. Strange things have started happening in the village. Miraculous things. A local drunkard and trouble maker sees the statue of the Virgin Mary rise from the ocean, and becomes a better man as a result. 383 more words

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Picket 43

Imagine being a soldier posted in one of the most isolated and dangerous points along one of the most dangerous and volatile borders in the world, with no one but a dog for company. 654 more words

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