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Participatory Democracy - The Way Forward

Progress for progress’s sake has, more often than not, been the ethos of our generation. What we often fail to perceive is that progress alone is precarious, in that a solution to a problem can bring forth a new unexpected problem somewhere further along the line. 705 more words

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An Open Letter to Pakatan Harapan - Do Not Marginalize Rural/Religious Malaysia

Malaysians return to work after a tumultuous five days that saw the 60-year incumbent ruling party, Barisan Nasional defeated in the 14th General Elections by Pakatan Harapan. 462 more words

Malaysia Politics

History made in Malaysia!

Sorry guys, but being a Malaysian, I can’t help but join in the political train right now. Tune in for more book stuffs next week! 149 more words

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Malaysian General Election! - an author's POV

So for those of you who don’t know, we, Malaysians, will be voting for the future of our nation next Wednesday! And oh, how things are getting hot here! 268 more words


Life is much like politics; you can't eat love and you certainly can't eat empty political promises!

Before the arrival of GE14 in 2018 it is good to remember that politics is much like life; there are choices to be made.  In life, one of the choices may be which career path to take or if you have children; which career path you want them to pursue. 266 more words

Malaysia Politics

Mahathir’s Motivation is Saving Mukhriz not Malaysia!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has come out and stated motivation behind a former leader all out attacks to oust him from office.

Everyone in Malaysia should know that the former leader that Najib referenced is no other than the Tun Mahathir.  542 more words

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak

Lim Kit Siang’s New Mantra; Show Me the Money!

It appears that Lim Kit Siang has a new mantra; show me the money; and it’s a RM 1Billion mantra that raises questions that needs to be addressed. 389 more words

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