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Krakow: The Malacca of Europe

Krakow was the one place in Poland we knew a few things about. For one, it wasn’t totally desecrated like the other Polish cities, and it was also the place where Steven Spielberg’s momentous work, Schindler’s List, was filmed. 771 more words


What's in my Osprey?

It’s Saturday night and I got a bag full of stories!

So, what’s in my Osprey?

  1. 1. Quran. THE Ultimate Companion. Palm-sized. A gift from TME student.
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I was really down for the past few days because I met a few friends and didn’t know if they’re worth my effort and time. Did a reflection and I think I should post it here in case I forget. 838 more words


SY Lau, a Malaysian took China's WeChat by storm


SY Lau has made the country proud through talent, perseverance and hard workKnown globally as the WeChat Company, Tencent is the largest Internet service provider in Asia, with a market capitalisation (as of April 16, 2015) of US$193bil. 2,281 more words


OnePlus officially launches the One in Malaysia

NEVER SETTLE. That’s the slogan by OnePlus. They released a phone that shook the entire world – proving that a beautiful yet powerful smartphone can be in the hands of consumers at a very low price. 138 more words

Show Your World Round Up #7 and 7 amazing destinations for you!

It’s a wrap up for April’s Show Your World blog event and I’m happy to present you with this month’s participants! These are not the only photos submitted – make sure to visit their blogs to see more photos and read stories behind them! 265 more words