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Healthcare Stocks = Not Cheap

Sometimes I am wondering why on earth are Malaysian healthcare stocks (e.g IHH and KPJ)  trading at such premium valuation (at least in terms of relative earnings yield). 205 more words


Let's visit Malaysia!

We decided to visit Malaysia and we flew from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur to arrive at the most modern city we had been in since Vietnam and it was even nicer than Vietnam. 495 more words

Cameron Highlands


(image by : @marcusshoots_ & @kayapong_eric)

Parkour and Free running wasn’t my identity before this. Right now, everyone who knows me, knows me as “parkour guy”. 1,084 more words


The Malay Rulers Reflect The Practice Of Moderation In Islam.

The Monarchy of the Malay Rulers has been rooted in this earth (Tanah Melayu) for over six centuries ago.

The system of government and the state under the royal monarchy; 119 more words


The Malay Rulers' Character And Image.

The Melaka Malay Sultanate practices a policy of fairness,

Towards its diverse people; regardless of different religion, race, culture and language.

This is a reflection of the Malay Ruler’s character and image. 67 more words


The Wisdom Of The Malay Rulers

Since the start of civilization, as a tradition, the Sultan will be presented with reports concerning the state and the people.

The Monarchy have always practiced a system of consultation for counsel and perspectives. 474 more words



Okay! Sebelumnya saya sudah kasih bocoran kan ya, kalau pas bulan puasa kemarin saya sempat menghabiskan tutupan Ramadhan di Penang. Cuma sebentar sih memang. Sehari doang, dan cuma bisa… 1,017 more words