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Malaysian Virgin Extensions: Overview of Their Origins and Qualities

For those who are new to the world of hair extensions, the use of these products can be overwhelming. Not only can the actual process of getting the extensions be confusing, the hair extensions market itself is confusing to many. 93 more words

Malaysian Laksa

Laksa has been one of my big food wishes to make from scratch for a long time. My mother is a Chinese Malaysian and while I’ve had plenty of Chinese food growing up, I haven’t really eaten a lot of Malaysian food. 257 more words


Papparich Malaysian Delights

There’s not enough Malaysian restaurant in this part of the country, I should say. Almost all of the Malaysian restaurant has a queue no matter the size, almost everyday. 222 more words

New Zealand

Breaking the ice

Picture was taken at Arthur’s seat foothill (excuse me for the poor quality, it was taken using 8 megapixel phone camera)

One of my biggest regret that I had when I arrived in Edinburgh was leaving my camera behind in Malaysia. 180 more words


The Differences and Similarities of Remy and Virgin Malaysian Hair

If you have ever considered Malaysian hair extensions, the terms “virgin hair” and “Remy hair” are common terms, but do you know what they mean? In simple terms, hair that is categorized as Remy is human hair that is not stripped and has the cuticles intact. 57 more words

Lunch Break for the Hungry Empress

My friend Russel brought to set my favorite local food — a Hakka dish call Lei Cha, meaning pounded tea.  It is made with chopped baby Bok Choy, green beans, cabbage, tofu and roasted seeds served in a green minty broth with rice or rice noodle.  171 more words


Malaysian Salted Soy Bean & Cashew Chicken

I haven’t post in a while; during my summer holidays I sustained an injury that’s taking quite some time to let me get back to normal; I haven’t had energy to do a lot of cooking, so we’ve been supporting our local restaurants!   277 more words

Main Meals