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Son of a Policeman (SOAP)

Son of a Policeman aka SOAP, or sometimes called sabunband, is a one of a kind band from Kuala Lumpur. They call their music “indie rojak” because it is a mix of everything Malaysian. 136 more words

The Backyard Noise

Pokemon Y Review

  • Pokemon Y Review

Another Pokemon game hits me like a bad hurricane, I don’t know why I’m so into it, to me Pokemon Y seems special comparing to Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. 784 more words


'live' performance by Lyia Meta

https://youtu.be/QA3y6zFkaRE Performing it for a regular patron at a club I sing. I refused to try singing it for months. … plus I rarely record live. 23 more words

Lyia Meta sings VEHICLE by Ides of March.

Recorded live but without a video.  We did some pluggins on stage.  I do not own this song but I love it to bits.

Sketch #4 Nala Cat

She’s famous. Nala Cat isn’t mine but she makes me smile.Quick sketch while awaiting to start work.

Pencil on fine grain paper. 11.7″ x 16.5″

sketch #2 Robert Plant

Acrylic, pen and pencil on fine grain paper. About 2 hours. Diversion from painting those huge pieces on canvas. Measures 11.7″ x 16.5″

Time to Grow the Mind Up

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

I live in Malaysia. Where I can proudly say that I am living in a multiracial country. Yes, indeed. But in the past few years, the number of immigrants have mushroomed. 402 more words