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May 21 in history

293 – Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian appointed Galerius as Caesar to Diocletian, beginning the period of four rulers known as the Tetrarchy.

878  Syracuse, Italy was   1,074 more words


Kim Theang's garden

Kim Theang had talked for around two hours before she got up for a break.

“What tea would you like?” she asked me.

“Whatever you’re having,” I answered. 549 more words

'Place Of Refuge' Progress Update


Who was it that said “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”. Malcolm Fraser…well hats off to you Sir, because you are indeed correct. Now tell me why it is that we didn’t believe you from the word go? 208 more words

An Email from Someone Who Knew Nothing About My Story

I have had many people suggest to me that I address every accusation the Sound Doctrine / Tim Williams smear campaign levels against me on their website. 747 more words

Sound Doctrine

Our Humanity : Lost, Stolen Or Strayed

To have an Iranian man attempt to starve himself to death, to have women and children sexually assaulted, to have young children self-harm, to deny children an education, and to do all of this at arm’s length on a far-flung island in the Pacific – can this really be what we are about? 170 more words


Rachel's Story

Malcolm Fraser lived and worked his work, then he died. His political career and mine started around the same time: he became leader of his party and I became a voter. 3,138 more words