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Things that are wrong with Malcolm's parents

I am currently watching this comedy- Malcolm in the middle, and there are a lot of things I disagree upon. First being, the whole issue with Lois and Hal’s parenting. 242 more words

College as Told by Gifs from Malcolm in the Middle

When you get a really tough professor

When you go out to eat and escape dining hall food

When you inevitably forget your keys when running late for an 8am… 215 more words

Do You Have a Leftover Meal?

Lately I have been going back and watching televisions shows from many years ago that I did not get to watch the first time they were on television. 271 more words


Completion List : Malcolm in the Middle

It used to be that you needed years of waiting to watch every episode of an older series. Thanks to Netflix and my sinus infection, I finished one fairly quickly. 148 more words


'Bachelorette' Contestant Slammed For Transphobic Comment When Describing Greatest Fear: 'The Chick Is Actually A Dude'

The new season of “The Bachelorette” hasn’t even started and the long-running dating show is already generating controversy.

The problem had nothing to do with Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, but originated in the… 329 more words


What Is The "Multicamera Comedy" And Why Is It Dying?

With the recent cancellations of 2 Broke Girls, Dr. Ken, and Last Man Standing (and perhaps The Odd Couple as well if we take Matthew Perry’s word for it… 441 more words


W : Walter White "You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name."

Day 27

Walter White

Walter Hartwell White Sr

I didn’t have access to AMC when Breaking Bad started and once I did I thought it would just be easier to binge from beginning to end. 345 more words