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Here’s what I’ve been watching when I’m not being productive (i.e., in all my spare time):

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I actually watched the first two episodes online when the show first started, and I found them…kind of boring. 139 more words

How your thoughts process racism.

At some point in our childhood we take on points of view of our parents and significant others close to us.  We build an image of what we expect to encounter from what we learn early and then when we do encounter that image, it reinforces our expectation.  212 more words

Top 5ive TV/Film Mothers: Jeremy

5. Lois from “Malcolm in the Middle”. Starting with “Roseanne” back in the 90’s, TV shows became more interested in showing “real” mothers–that is, mid-class moms who don’t always have everything together. 544 more words

The Lists

Bryan Cranston as Fei Long

Today, while I was surfing Facebook I saw something promoting a post on Kotaku titled “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, in Gifs.” Being a fan of Capcom games I immediately clicked on it Below are two great examples that Kotaku felt needed to be highlighted. 276 more words


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