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Logan Lucky (Steven Soderbergh 2017)

and so anyway it turn out that the best thing about the oddly lifeless Logan Lucky (2017) is not the spectacle of Soderbergh blaming its poor box-office on the marketing campaign rather than the odd lifelessness of it all, nor is it the tremendously funny I swear gag of beating the Disney juggernaut to cutting off the arm of the latest Skywalker, nor is it the actually quite amusing (though I think it is meant to be touching) scene in which Channing Tatum’s little girl tricks an auditorium full of West Virginians to sing ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ out of key, no,  the best thing about  47 more words


B Movie Glory: LA, I Hate You

There’s this odd trend in art films these days to make a haphazard anthology thing with various actors in a string-along parade of vignette cameos, title them with the name of a city followed by the sub header ‘I Love You’, or ‘I hate You’. 226 more words

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Lessons in Love (2014)

Duration 1h 39m Rating (UK) 15 Source of story An original screenplay Writers/Script Matthew Newman Additional Info 216 more words
2010 - 2015

Malcolm McDowell Reflects on the Brilliance of 'Time After Time'

The time travel genre has always been a favorite of mine, and 1979’s TIME AFTER TIME starring Malcolm McDowell sits at the top of the list alongside such greats as THE TIME MACHINE, TIME BANDITS, BACK TO THE FUTURE, and LA JETEE. 440 more words


Movie reviews: many Cat People

Back some time ago, I reviewed the Midwich Cuckoo films, an odd trilogy that consisted of the original Village of the Damned (1960), a remake with the same title in 1995, and an odd offshoot, … 815 more words