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A Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange, A (1971)
★★★★ / ★★★★

Alex (Malcolm McDowell) leads a group of friends (Warren Clarke, James Marcus, Michael Tarn), the four of them collectively known as “droogs,” to commit sociopathic acts of random ultra-violence. 595 more words

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean

I suppose it was only natural that, being bought up in a musical family where a bit of the old Ludwig Van was forever on the record player (yes, it was the age of vinyl), … 205 more words

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A very short review of "Silent Night" (2012).

I wrote this review three years ago; Donal Logue’s career is alive and well today in “Gotham.”  And, yes, I do get that this is a remake/homage to 1984’s “Silent Night, Deadly Night.”   ***** 101 more words

Time After Time: The Past Meets the Present at the Mostly British Film Festival

by Dennis Harvey

In the multicultural U.S. of today, there’s no longer a great sense of kinship with the U.K., our onetime colonial master and for at least a couple centuries the country Americans felt a special love/hate (but mostly love) relationship toward. 1,902 more words


The Real Cure: A Clockwork Orange's Missing Ending

Page to Screen is a monthly column in which CoS literary editor Matt Melis (@MistaMelis) explores how either a classic or contemporary work of literature made the sometimes triumphant, often disastrous leap from prose to film.  1,616 more words

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[Last Film I Watch] Time After Time (1979) [6/10]

Title: Time After Time
Year: 1979
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi
Director: Nicholas Meyer
Nicholas Meyer
Karl Alexander
Steve Hayes
Music: Miklós Rózsa… 575 more words

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