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Malcolm Tucker quote of the day - she does yoga

Not necessary, she’s going to kick her own head in, which will be easy for her because she does yoga.” – Malcolm Tucker, series 4 episode 2… 77 more words


Malcolm Tucker quote of the day - waste of skin

Sam, hi, listen, can you do me a favour? Buy some flowers for Nicola fucking Murray. Yeah, have them delivered to her home this evening with a card that says; “Sorry you had to go, but let’s face it, you are a fucking waste of skin”. 21 more words


Malcolm Tucker quote of the day - Smug, Glum and fucking Retarded

FUCK’S SAKE! JESUS CHRIST! Well, now we’ve got another fuckin’ adjective to add to fuckin’ ‘smug’ and ‘glum’, haven’t we? ‘FUCKIN’ RETARDED!’ Jesus Chri– Do you not think it would be germane to check who you’re talking to? 236 more words


'Veep' Creator Armando Iannucci Wants To Have The Doctor Curse In An Episode Of 'Doctor Who'

Today in news that desperately needs to become reality: Armando Iannucci, the creator of HBO’s Veep as well as the BBC’s The Thick of It… 277 more words


Malcolm Tucker's quote of the day - human dart-board

Of course it fucking does. As per the wee bar code and the serial number under your right armpit you are now built and owned by the state and you’re under the spotlight You know what you are? 58 more words


Malcolm Tucker's Guide of the day - Focus groups

Okay some of you may know that there’s a book that contains documents from the tv-series The Thick of It… and the following will be Malcolm Tucker’s Guide on How To Use A Focus Group. 1,176 more words


Currently Consuming: The Thick of It

Swearing, confusion, back stabbing, power plays, an angry doctor, what more could you want in a show?

About: The Thick of It is a 2005-2012 show that follows the lives of the people who run the Social Affairs and Citizenship office of the British government. 184 more words