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Malcolm Tucker's quote of the day - human dart-board

Of course it fucking does. As per the wee bar code and the serial number under your right armpit you are now built and owned by the state and you’re under the spotlight You know what you are? 58 more words


Malcolm Tucker's Guide of the day - Focus groups

Okay some of you may know that there’s a book that contains documents from the tv-series The Thick of It… and the following will be Malcolm Tucker’s Guide on How To Use A Focus Group. 1,176 more words


Currently Consuming: The Thick of It

Swearing, confusion, back stabbing, power plays, an angry doctor, what more could you want in a show?

About: The Thick of It is a 2005-2012 show that follows the lives of the people who run the Social Affairs and Citizenship office of the British government. 184 more words


Doctor Who and the Ministry of Fun

The hideous, hook-nosed monster turned its baleful blue eyes towards Clara and let out a snarl. “Cuh. Typical backseat-of-a-Ford-Capri-spawned working class scum, that’s all you are. 1,241 more words


Fear the Ripa and its disturbing effect for journalism

The Andrew Mitchell – ‘Plebgate’ – affair has caused a stir from a journalistic perspective. Scratch that. What the Met Police have done in this situation is create an earthquake that is sending seismic tremors of grand proportions throughout the industry. 267 more words


Mockingjay and Netflix

So work didn’t happen today, I went in and wasn’t needed which was actually quite good because instead I went to the cinema and watched The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1 and it was Brilliant!!! 183 more words

My Life

Nano Num-Nums No. 14

Capaldi is a  serious actor but he starred as the brilliant Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It. This is seriously rude but his torrential swearing is the funniest I’ve heard. 28 more words