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Andrew Little's recent comments

Looking at Little’s recent comments and considering recent articles in the MSM by Audrey Young and Tracey Watkins, Adam thinks that Mr Little has become, in Malcolm Tucker’s memorable phrase an Omnishambles:-

The Art of the Watchable

I like good political TV. If done well, I like politics both as a theme and as a setting; arguably, a series such as the original BBC… 778 more words


The C Word

After we reported earlier this week that we paid that Ipsos MORI  twerp £25,000 for telling us all about the C word it would seem it’s catching – a bit like herpes. 493 more words

The Thick of It - Season 1 and 2 Review

All hail Malcolm Tucker.

So the latest episode of Doctor Who has made me appreciate how good an actor Peter Capaldi actually is, so I did a little digging and found this series that everyone goes on about. 321 more words

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Corbyn - Pietas and the Malcolm Tucker Litmus Test

I’ve been thinking about Jeremy Corbyn but I’ve had nothing to say, because I didn’t get what was going on and didn’t know how to divide hype from reality. 667 more words


“A Vegetarian Marzipan Dildo”

This reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory just in from former Labour government chief communications Director Malcolm Tucker, or at least as much as we could safely print. 272 more words


Malcolm Tucker quote of the day - resign before it gets worse

Look, people really like it when you go just a bit early! You know; steely jawed, faraway look in your eyes! Before you get to the point when they’re sitting round in the pub saying “Oh, that fucker’s got to go!”, you surprise them! 46 more words