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Should Indian government take much stronger stand with regard to the political instability in Maldives?

I would still hope that people will remember the government of the toppled president Mohamed Nasheed came to power after the 2008 elections, that ended the bloody 30 years of autocratic rule by Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. 360 more words

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Waheed must be stopped so that ordinary Maldivians can start rebuilding national democratic institutions

The situation in Maldives is not encouraging, and it is extremely dangerous; you phone a friend and say: “See you next week”. By next week he is gone. 322 more words

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Waheed's Stanford's success, by contrast to most democratic phenomenon

2012 was maybe a very successful year for Waheed and his cronies. But if anyone thought for a moment that the suffering for Maldives people caused by Waheed was over, or had abated, they would be seriously mistaken. 751 more words

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Revolution is the only answer against the axis of evil

“The fight for democracy in our country must be strengthen. The democracy activities must not be concluded; it must be defended by the citizens of a land like the Maldives where corruption and intimations are the daily practice of its leaders. 568 more words

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Is Maldives Aisa's new Pakistan in making?

“The lack of democracy benefits the ruling circle, for it prevents people from calling to account those who steals and continually violate the laws. It prevents the masses from organizing and prolongs the ruling group’s hold on power”. 740 more words

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Reflections on 2012

It’s the end of 2012 and what a year it has been. Almost one year ago I remember having a conversation with someone who wrote a daily blog for 365 days in 2011 – he wrote pieces on his wedding day and even during his honeymoon! 1,189 more words

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Love Palestine, hate racism

The Maldives is probably one of the most faithful supporters of Palestine, and our relationship with the people of Palestine goes beyond diplomacy. Maldivians see Palestinians as their ‘Muslim brothers and sisters’ and as long as I can remember there has always been a prayer for the people of Palestine included in our Friday sermons. 1,066 more words