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Of monsters and missing maps

My colleague Michael from the Century Film Project passed on The Monster That Challenged the World (1957) to me for the website. It’s a ’50s sci-fi film about how an earthquake in California unleashes radioactive mollusk monsters. 1,054 more words

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Reel librarian conquests

As I mentioned last week, today I have an extra-special, super-sized post, all about Norman and his reel librarian conquests.

A library colleague, one who knows that I research librarian portrayals in film, recommended  2,620 more words

Male Character Types

A liberated librarian versus the volcano

Last week, I delved into how Flynn Carsen from the first ‘The Librarian’ TV movie, The Librarian:  Quest for the Spear, fits the… 876 more words

Male Character Types

Quest for the 'Liberated Librarian'

After my review of the second season premiere of ‘The Librarians’ TV series, I got to thinking that it was perfect timing to revisit the original TV movie, 2004’s  1,620 more words

Male Character Types

Reader poll write-up: Transylvania Twist

Thank you to everyone who voted in the recent reader poll, scary movie edition to choose the next film for me to analyze! And here you have it, an analysis post about your chosen winner, the horror comedy spoof, … 1,309 more words

Male Character Types