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I hate handcuffs!

Grumpy and I don’t typically get as many days off from work together as I would like. Its no secret that we both very much enjoy extended play sessions and those days off together are perfect for them. 466 more words


I have put a chastity device on my husband but never for more than 10 hours.  I do not believe in keeping him in chastity but as a tool for playtime it can be a lot of fun.  303 more words


Conjugal Visits for the Jail Bird

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!  Being how it falls in the middle of the week this year, Angel and I had a chance to celebrate this past weekend instead.   1,049 more words

Male Chastity


Grumpy has a Prince Albert piercing that we integrate with his cages. His new cage has a different design than the last where it goes through the piercing hole instead of hooking through the ring like the last one. 376 more words

My wife seeks a female FLR mentor / friend

My Wife / Domme has asked me to help her find a FLR mentor and/or friend. Someone that she can discuss the dynamics of a FLR with, ideally someone that my be in her same shoes, new and still growing.   48 more words

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Locked Up & "Hanging Around"

I had kind of an interesting, self-imposed experience last weekend which, well.. didn’t exactly go quite as planned/expected! First off the boys went to spend Saturday night with their Grandpa, meaning Angel and I got the evening completely to ourselves. 1,509 more words

Male Chastity

Excited to be separated

A package arrived today. Grumpy  has quite literally had dreams about this package arriving. We were sitting outside smoking when he checked the mail and discovered it. 583 more words