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Assignment Over

The last chastity assignment ended 2 weeks ago.  We had discussed it in advance and he successfully negotiated for daily T & D. I told him I was not going to show him the assignment  in advance and that I wasn’t going to tell him the end date. 352 more words

Thoughts on Marriage--The Beginning of the End?

I’ve been doing some cleaning.  I found a thank-you note from a friend and colleague that we received after attending her wedding.  It was one of the nicest weddings I’ve been to–very romantic and full of emotion.  433 more words


Why chastity?

Some time ago I was asked “Why chastity? What is it about it that gets you going?” and I have  been mulling it over. The person who asked had no idea such a thing even existed prior to that conversation and was both confused and a bit horrified and I think I failed at properly explaining it at the time. 568 more words

Yes, I asked... again.

Frequently, I ask Grumpy how he is doing in his assignment and  more often than not he gives me this slightly bewildered look like he is confused by why I would ask before responding with something like ” fine ” or “Okay”. 161 more words

Vanilla Affection?

I don’t tend to be the cuddly sort. However, there are a few exceptions to that. One of which is those semi-rare occasions where I find myself half asleep in the early morning being the ‘big spoon’ and my hand cradling Grumpy’s  balls and cage.   188 more words


Yesterday, despite all my efforts to please Mrs EDC with household tasks, I did something frivolous and silly.  It got me a punishment.  I’ll go into that shortly.   396 more words

Personal Entries

Longing for summer sun (and fun)

Summer.  Sun.  Seasides.  Sweet sweet relief from winter.

If you’re like me, you’ll understand the predicament of being locked chaste during winter months.  Cold air means contracted ballsacks, which means burning pains every now and then. 414 more words

Personal Entries