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Just a Note before we go

Leaving for vacation shortly.  Might not post for a few weeks, and I know I’ll have trouble following everyone.  My absence is logistical–I’m not sure how effective internet accessibility will be at the resort.  123 more words

Male Chastity

Larger ring 

After 36 hours with the help of Aquafor, the irritation cleared up.

Monday afternoon, MrsL and I discussed the reasons for the irritation and I told her I firmly believe it is the extra weight. 55 more words



  • This assignment starts tonight at midnight,  July 16th and will end on September 15th. You will log a running tally of time added and earned with the new end date.
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Knowledge and New Shoes

My Grumpys new assignment is entirely worked out in my head. However I am finding it hard to actually start it. I’ve started to type it out no less than 10x and abandon it each time. 391 more words

The Queen Who Owns My Heart--and Other Parts...

So I’m not actually sure I will post this.  I think I will, but only if I’ve done an adequate job.  I’d like to speak about my Queen, my wife, my love, my key-holder, my soulmate, my partner, my everything!   887 more words

Male Chastity

The Uncertainties of Work--or Shit Happens!

So I’ve been in a position of high stress at work for awhile. A year and a half ago our boss retired. A new fellow came in who seemed quite nice and very open minded. 924 more words

Male Chastity

How screwing around ruins men for marriage

I’ve pointed out before that women aren’t breeding because men aren’t proposing.

The proposals come first. Sub-replacement fertility extends from sub-replacement marriage rates.


“As much as women have to learn (and be taught) how to be wives and mothers again, men have to decide to be husbands and fathers again….”

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