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Not Completely Useless!

One use this mostly useless tinydickwimp has as a cuckold in chastity is being a foot slave! When it doesn’t have a cock in it’s mouth or plugged up with various gags, it sucks on heels or cleans feet. 6 more words

Chastity sentence totals!

The chastity sentence days will be totaled on this post. After 1 day December 6, there were 16 views. Please visit often in December and view all blog posts as each view adds a day! 77 more words


2018 Chastity Sentence for littledickdaniel!

The time has arrived for a long term chastity sentence for littledickdaniel. Using blog views and comments in the rest of December, days will be added for the January 1, 2018 lockup. 46 more words

littledickdaniel: CHASTITY SLAVE!

 Where this tinydickwimp belongs, locked in chastity and exposed on the internet! Here is a collage of chastity devices used. It started with the pink cb-2000 several years ago, at 2 inches still too large of a device. 73 more words


Long Term Chastity

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been locked in my chastity device continuously for nearly two years.

When I first became interested in chastity I heard people say things like that and I thought it was pure bullshit. 301 more words


Professor Chastity

One of the things I would like to accomplish not just with this blog but just in life in general is making kink normal. I’ve realized lately that this has become more important to me the older I get and the more involved I get with the kink community. 433 more words

Male Chastity