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A Judgmental Feminist

“Women cannot drive.”

A clear statement that annoyed the right nerve in me. It is quite flagrant how male chauvinists believe that women lack knowledge of traffic rules. 214 more words

Sexism lingers too...

Chatting in a café with friends, we traded comments on the predictable verdict in the Jian Gomeshi trial* – along with the eye-rolling you do when you know there’s nothing new to say. 631 more words


Mind Games...

He felt such deep shame within him.

Shame that his friends would mock him if they ever got to know that he was doing such demeaning job. 310 more words

Creative Writing

A holy man

“I will pray for you.” He said.

It would have been funny if it was not so sad. It would have been kind if it was not presumptuous. 123 more words


He Would Be Mortified...

In my very young eye’s three of my grandparents were quite elites of their time, but I had a grandfather whose views of women was a bit too caveman and archaic, even I could recognize at quite a young age that he had a bad case of chauvinism. 362 more words

The Daily Post

ttt #3 : Scarred Relationships.

“You’ll have to wash the dishes. It is your job.”


“Because girls are born to do this!”

Thus ended a father-daughter relationship. At least from her side.