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Shakti is the Agent of All Change

Shakti , meaning “Power” or “empowerment,” is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe… 1,784 more words

Raise Your EQ


What I find interesting is that I know if I were to post things that chastised women for being “promiscuous” I would be popular. If I were to babble on about how women should smile their faces off in the face of all atrocities and abuse I would have millions of friends. 444 more words


& Some Say "Feminism is Dead" (i.e. - unnecessary) -- Wut?

So, we regular enjoy the delectable sammy’s and usually great service from Jersey Mike’s but not tonight. In an effort to bring light to the ways in which some (some being the operative term) men treat women. 1,044 more words

Be The Change

Pastors: Stop Disrespecting Women With Your Chauvinistic Name-Calling

Treat … older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters … . (Paul’s advice to a young pastor, 1 Timothy 5:1-2.)


Jen Wilkin wrote a post for The Gospel Coalition on…

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what else does the Bible say? (women called to ministry)

“God doesn’t look at things like humans do. Humans see only what is visible to the eyes, but the Lord sees into the heart.” – …

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Live Like You Mean It

Does City Life Feminize Men?

There’s a region of the Internet called the Manosphere that rejects most feminist ideology. It discards with contempt the notion that men and women are basically the same but trained by society to act differently. 792 more words


Slut shaming, anyone?

A cottage by the beach. Perfect blue skies. The kind of beach that sends Europeans puce with envy. One man, one woman, deeply in love.. 569 more words