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Supremacists vs. the World

The general pattern I see with nationalists of any race is that they have foregone self improvement and hard work in favor of playing the societal victim.  1,323 more words


"Prenatal clinics are now a source of obscurantism"

“Prenatal clinics are now a source of obscurantism”: “Helpful Advice for Strengthening Family Ties” Brochure Handed Out in Prenatal Clinics in Moscow
Yuri Lvov
September 1, 2015… 911 more words


'Where's The Rush'


Does one really characterise what we M-F transsexual made as a ‘choice’?

If a woman could ‘choose’ to live as a man, then there would be quite a rush on the F-M transgender clinic; M-F would cease. 1,801 more words


He said smile baby
it’s a beautiful day.

His eyes glided over my
brother’s bowed head.

He said stand tall boy
you are a man, 47 more words


Ultimate proof : It's a man's world

If you want to swear at a woman you swear at her.  But if you want to swear at a man you need to swear at this female relatives.


Fair play

Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt thinks women scientists‘ presence in labs is very “disruptive to the science because it’s terribly important that in a lab people are on a level playing field” because “three things happen when they are in the lab: You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry.”   220 more words

The New Age Male Chauvinist

Before you put me down as another fanatical feminist, I have some concrete reasons to believe male chauvinism isn’t a thing of the past. It’s just that they now come in new packages and try hard to hide among the sheep. 347 more words

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