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Masculinity is not simply maleness. Just because you have male parts doesn’t make you masculine. God is the ultimate example of true masculinity yet the Bible tells us He has no physical body (John 4:24).  251 more words


Ugly Woman Sick And Tired Of Not Being Treated Like Sex Object


For centuries, men everywhere have done pretty much anything to get laid. Unfulfilled promises, money they don’t have, latent lies. The majority of women claim to have fallen victim to most of these manly acts. 102 more words

Examining Old School Anime: The Inequality of the Sexes

Watching Lupin III and reading perhaps too much of Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, a philosopher who would have agreed with Charles V Britannia’s points on inequality… 996 more words

Examining Old School Anime

Supremacists vs. the World

The general pattern I see with nationalists of any race is that they have foregone self improvement and hard work in favor of playing the societal victim.  1,323 more words


"Prenatal clinics are now a source of obscurantism"

“Prenatal clinics are now a source of obscurantism”: “Helpful Advice for Strengthening Family Ties” Brochure Handed Out in Prenatal Clinics in Moscow
Yuri Lvov
September 1, 2015… 911 more words


'Where's The Rush'


Does one really characterise what we M-F transsexual made as a ‘choice’?

If a woman could ‘choose’ to live as a man, then there would be quite a rush on the F-M transgender clinic; M-F would cease. 1,801 more words


He said smile baby
it’s a beautiful day.

His eyes glided over my
brother’s bowed head.

He said stand tall boy
you are a man, 47 more words