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Staying Home While My Wife Goes Out Is Fine With Me


“What’d you do this weekend?”

“I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen cutting up vegetables to roast.”

“Aren’t you married?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Then you have a wife to do the kitchen work.” 575 more words

Chapter 5: Old cows like tender grass - Part 3

The exceptional value of virginity notwithstanding, it is also fair to mention that (future) copulation itself is often used as a medium of exchange. While the object of bartering was a piece of meat or physical protection against wild animals ten thousand years ago, it could be a film role, a job, a sales deal, or better final grades today. 885 more words

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Chapter 4: Beauty is the troubled water that brings disasters – Part 3

Singling out Christianity for further illustration purposes, the strictness of some value sys­tems becomes apparent when one contemplates the amount and extent of principles regu­lating sexuality. 745 more words


Chapter 1: Men are like mud, women are like water - Part 2

Furthermore, females are also associated with images such as vulnerability, delicacy, and passivity (Bǎoyù’s love of his life Lín Dàiyù (林黛玉) certainly personifies the archetype of gentle­ness). 622 more words

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He pulled

My brown locks

With tiny fists.

You said,

“It’s just playful banter.” 89 more words


I Cor. 14

One can discern a lot of circumstances from the way Paul reads in some of his letters. For one the phenomenon of tongues and prophecy was clearly emerging. 274 more words


The Hijab & the Burka in Morocco

I come from a society were women are almost encouraged to wear less clothing. In western society, especially in Latin America, women are frequently categorized as sexual objects and their sexuality is often exploited as a means of marketing. 1,327 more words

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