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Thousand years of Tyranny

Years have passed– we promise not to judge women, yet we do. We call that girl going out with male friends, a slut. We claim that the girl who got the promotion that we were supposed to, slept her way up. 309 more words

Chapter 12: Love my house, love the crow on it

Love me, love my dog

ài wū jí wū

Men and women are different. People know it and are curious about this kind of “other­ness”, willing to clarify or solve misunderstandings that frequently happen between both sexes. 744 more words

Gender Differences

Is feminism really a new version of male chauvinism?

Yesterday I decided to show my parents a video on Ted Talks about feminism. As I am a young woman I thought there was an important message there. 328 more words

Chapter 8: A woman's heart is as deep as the ocean

nǚrén xīn hǎi dǐ zhēn

If one single proverb was to summarise or to excuse the problems men have understanding women, it would probably be this one. 427 more words

About Women

Chapter 7: The most vicious is woman's heart

zuì dú fù rén xīn

The previous two chapters already set a rather foul flavour on how men view and treat women. Alas, this section is not going to bring about any betterment. 826 more words

About Women

Staying Home While My Wife Goes Out Is Fine With Me


“What’d you do this weekend?”

“I spent Saturday morning in the kitchen cutting up vegetables to roast.”

“Aren’t you married?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Then you have a wife to do the kitchen work.” 575 more words

Chapter 5: Old cows like tender grass - Part 3

The exceptional value of virginity notwithstanding, it is also fair to mention that (future) copulation itself is often used as a medium of exchange. While the object of bartering was a piece of meat or physical protection against wild animals ten thousand years ago, it could be a film role, a job, a sales deal, or better final grades today. 885 more words

Mate Choice