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Keeping the Foreskin Promotes Monogamy

Circumcising males actually promotes unhealthy promiscuous sex.

The foreskin actually absorbs vaginal secretions to create a wonderful pair bonding effect and a healthy psychological state of happiness.   86 more words

Circumcision does not lower the risk of HPV

Analysis showing the flaws and bias in a study that concluded that circumcision lowers the risk of transmitting and carrying HPV.  This conclusion is refuted: 6 more words

Foreskin is Self-Cleaning

This is from Yahoo Answers:


Is the foreskin really self-cleaning?

I read that people say before that it’s self-cleaning. Is that really true? It says online that it has many immunological functions. 375 more words

Foreskin Friendly Physicians

Unfortunately, most physicians in the US and the countries in which circumcision is rampant do not know how to care for a young boy with a natural intact penis.   61 more words

Male Circumcision

Even in Israel More Parents Choose Not to Circumcise their Sons


After two Israeli Jewish parents did some research, they learned the truth and changed their perspectives on circumcision.

The mother quoted:

In any event, it is worth dwelling on research relating to the connection between circumcision and AIDS.

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Circumcision Harms Women

The Pain of Circumcision

Robert Van Howe, M.D., a Michigan pediatrician who has authored numerous studies about circumcision, describes the infant’s response. “Circumcision results in not only severe pain but also an increased risk of choking and difficulty breathing. 1,177 more words