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This'll turn you feminist

The effect 0f male circumcision on female HIV infection – the evidence

If it becomes obvious mid-way through a randomised trial that a new treatment doesn’t work sufficiently well to make it worth using, stopping early is good practice; we may never get a clear answer, but who cares? 481 more words

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Circumcision video

Often a vivid story or picture carries more weight than any amount of science or ethics. This blog received more hits for some pictures of circumcision complications (click… 81 more words

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Male circumcision: It's the healthy thing to do

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is sure to rankle a few activists. It has just released a statement providing guidelines for male circumcision that involves the removal of the foreskin from the penis. 410 more words


As it is, Genitals matter

In patriarchal heaven, a special award for total disregard and hatred of females is reserved for people who blather on about how genitals don’t matter… 1,299 more words


Circumcision, removing 15 square inches of skin, is hardly a snip


Neuroanatomist Dr. Ashley Montagu states that an area of “normal” skin the size of a quarter (U.S. 25-cent piece) contains more than 12 feet (3.66m) of nerves and over 50 nerve endings.* The illustration at right shows that…

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Common Misconceptions around Male Circumcision and HIV Transmission

Misconceptions around family planning and sexual and reproductive health continue to pose a challenge for increasing uptake of these services.  Many services providers seek to overcome these barriers through education and information campaigns that correct possible biases. 273 more words

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If you were circumcised, are you a victim?


Personal, female opinion: yes. But a victim narrative doesn’t make it grow back, ending the widespread practice for other men is all you can realistically obtain. 87 more words