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FAQs on Vasectomy

Many men want the opportunity to plan the number of children they have – and many women want to finally be able to share the responsibility of contraception with their partner. 693 more words


Shared Responsibility?

The 1960s sexual revolution promised carefree sex and a more empowered role for women with the invention of the birth control pill. It didn’t entirely live up to its promise. 1,430 more words

Six 'Sexy' Days

A Thank-You Letter to the Packard Foundation

Have you heard of Vasalgel? It’s a new contraceptive technology for men that’s recently been making news rounds at The GuardianThe Daily Mail… 681 more words


The future of male sterilization: RISUG/Vasalgel

First of all, if you are looking for an efficient, long-term birth control method, but you can wait about two years, your dreams will come true by Vasalgel. 309 more words

Technical Details

Male Birth Control Might Be Here By 2017

Male birth control has long been a scientific oddity; there’s been lots of work on it, but there hasn’t been a workable product. Now, there might just be one that’s cheap, non-hormonal, and simple to use… if it can get to market. 259 more words