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The Month of March Means Time For the Prime Cut – Vasectomy

Vasectomy remains one of the easiest and cost effective methods of permanent contraception. Many men opt for the outpatient procedure during the month of March so they can chill out and stay glued to the TV for March Madness the month-long college basketball tournament. 461 more words

Male Contraceptives Have A Messy History And A Bright Future

Why is contraception the burden of women? Male contraception would seem to be a much easier way of having sex for fun and not sticking a woman with the baby, but it’s rarely been on the minds of scientists in the past. 679 more words


Mr. Gary Wainwright | 40 | Car Dealer | Harehills, Leeds.
“I don’t agree with it. Women should be the only ones who should take contraception.

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Male Contraceptive Injection Shows Promise

Josh Bason

Since it was first introduced in 1961, the contraceptive pill has provided an effective family planning solution for millions of couples across the world. 504 more words


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You know that thing you’re not meant to do, especially when you’re feeling that way, and have those thoughts running riot; well…

I did it. I did the one thing you’re not meant to do when you’re 29, having a rough time and have been officially single for the last 4 years; I looked up my high school classmates. 1,000 more words

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