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March Book Bag Bundles

February and March have been slow months for me in terms of reading as work has been extremely busy, and I have been getting over flu. 828 more words

Book Bag Bundles

A Little Lesson About History

I heard somewhere one time that the reason we study our past is to make sure we know ourselves as a race so well, we stop making the same mistakes over and over. 445 more words

Human Nature

Twisted Origins of International Women's Day

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day, key word: Celebrated.

Social Networks were filled with congratulatory messages towards “the best thing God ever created”, thanking them for “everything they do”. 1,696 more words

Human Nature

50 Shades of What, you said?

So, it’s been around two weeks since this “acclaimed” movie started to brake ticketing records all over the country. Women are secretly wishing they meet a man… 611 more words

Human Nature

Top 9 ways to NOT get raped

We live in a world were losing your phone is a bigger deal than losing your virginity, were women are taught it is their responsibility not to get themselves in a situation were someone might hurt them, and were campaigns like #ItAintRape exists. 615 more words

Human Nature

Manifestations of Filipino Machismo in Selected Philippine Contemporary Literary Works

Years ago, the Filipino sitcom “Palibhasa Lalaki” brought the viewers to their own seats. The Pinoy audience was then exposed and introduced to the lighter side of Filipino machismo. 2,211 more words

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Microaggression Is Everywhere.

This thread today was hilariously infuriating. 

I’ll just leave this here for your reading pleasure. 

I. Can’t. Even.