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First Class Boot Camp - Reviewed

My Ard Ri was as strict as he had promised and I had just a wonderful-est (is that a word?) weekend as I thought I would. 880 more words


The ugly truth.

The other day I was having a conversation with a guy friend of mine. I told him I hate the fact that this country is so male dominated. 220 more words

Teaching Intersectionality of Race and Gender in ELA A30

As I mentioned in my previous post, teaching with a Social Justice pedagogy is important to me. During my Internship, I had the opportunity to teach a sub-unit on First Nations peoples, specifically on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. 962 more words

The Search for Gender Equity Regarding Literacy in the Classroom

Amanda Keddie and Martin Mills wrote an article in 2007 that discussed concerns about teaching gender equity to students, titled “Teaching for Gender Justice.” I chose this article because I thought it had an interesting feature in that it did a study and interview on two opposite teaching methods about gender issues. 1,015 more words

Social Justice

So Jian Ghomeshi Got Acquitted, And The Judge Got It Right

For any of you who have been following the Jian Ghomeshi circus/trail, you will know that the judge delivered his verdict yesterday morning.  Ghomeshi was acquitted on all charges. 1,023 more words


Spring Rules

Spring has sprung and with it new rules. Mister has decreed that the following are my rules. Some are expected, others are not. Since I have been pushing my limits lately, I had very little input on these other than to accept or decline. 358 more words