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Remember when mobs of women dragged men out of their beds, sexually tortured and then murdered them?

No? Me, neither.

That is because it is men who perpetrate such crimes against both women and men.


2261. Compatibility Axioms #851-860

851. Most women have two options: give of herself as a helpmate, or live life alone, lonesome, and often desperate. Young women claim it’s b…s…, but they’ve not aged yet either. 314 more words

Dear Daughter

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

Women need to start demanding that men prove themselves.

Men should be warriors & protectors, but also gentle, committed lovers. What happened to the old tribal rites of men in ritualized competition to prove their worth to discriminatory onlooking females? 326 more words

Evolution Of Consciousness

Male Dominance Should Protect Women

Warning: some sexual/feminine content

What a sickening world it is that we live in today. Men are supposed to be the ones protecting and supporting women, not the other way around. 1,018 more words


Dominant men are assertive but not controlling.


Dominant men are assertive but not controlling.

My wife and I had a counseling session with a couple many years ago and it was an interesting one. 879 more words

Lone Wolf & the Myth of the Alpha Male

The Grey starring Liam Neeson was a good action flick, but its portrayal of the wolf as a lone psychopathic killer was way off base. Dogs, after all, are simply domesticated wolves. 678 more words

Why do ladies like Dominant men and not nice guys?

Adam and Eve
Why do ladies like Dominant men and not nice guys.
I had a conversation with my wife a couple of weeks ago and she asked me an interesting question that got me thinking. 758 more words