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Winter Wardrobe

I’m not a fan of winter. I absolutely hate being cold and Man knows this. He’s tired of my whining as has agreed to to let me wear all the outer clothing I want to and in any stile. 165 more words

Bossing the Boss - 2

After his first lust had been satisfied, Evan had me sit on a chair, spread my legs wide, and return my attentions. He licked, nipped my clit, plunged his tongue deep inside of me until I was screaming my release just a quickly and violently as he had. 574 more words

Bossing the Boss - 3

He’d been clear about the Weekend Theme. I was to have something in my pussy 24/7. If HE put it in, only HE could take it out. 676 more words

Bossing the Boss

It all started in the elevator. No. Not right. The car. Well, maybe before that even. When I called Evan into my office (yes, I am my dominant’s boss), and told him that all of our customers has been served and I was now free for the next two days, he got that look in his eye. 671 more words

Things I'm Thankful for - the Submissive

  1.  Nipple Jewelry! I suppose I should back up a bit and say that I’m grateful for my breasts and nipples. My mother had breast cancer 35 years ago, so first and foremost, I’m grateful to have escape cancer!!!
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"Male voices and perspectives eclipse female ones, even in coverage of women’s reproductive issues"

A new study has revealed that more than half of stories relating to reproductive health are written by men. “When it comes to stories about abortion and contraception, women’s voices are systematically stifled – as writers and as sources,” said Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center. 390 more words


Perky Pride

This week Mister has given me a new rule. I am not allowed to wear a bra for at least 7 days. This came about when I made the comment that I was embarrassed by how bit my nipples are sometimes and how I wished they wouldn’t stick out so much. 485 more words