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Never Forget

Never forget that you agreed to this and you are free to end that agreement at any time.

He said these words to me just before issuing an order for me to strip. 336 more words

Anarie Brady

2379. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 01

  1. The trait that women condemn so easily, a man’s ego, reflects his sense of self-admiration, self-satisfaction, and significance. Unwise to attack it.
  2. A man’s friendly touch in passing is a small price for a woman to pay.
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Dear Daughter

What Kind of Game are You Playing?

It could be said that all human communication is, in fact, a form of manipulation. We always try to present ourselves in a certain light to make another person believe about us (and about themselves, especially in regards to their relationships with us) what we want them to, even if it is all just an illusion. 897 more words


5 Sexual Fantasies Men would Love

Looking to ignite your sex life? To add that extra spice to your relationship, DESIblitz explores five sexual fantasies that men really want.

The nature of sexual fantasies is that they push you and your partner’s boundaries. 895 more words


‘What do women want- Equality or Liberation?’

Women are making a significant contribution to the public and private sectors in Jamaica. We as women have worked very hard to achieve what we perceive to be equality with men. 1,081 more words

At The Workplace


With an average of 4.8 of 5 Stars, 150 reviews can’t be wrong.  Here’s one of the latest…

“I’ve read over 200 erotica novels in the last four years, written by as many authors. 89 more words

What Many Women Don't See

Something I have been pondering lately is what many women don’t see.

To be fair, I didn’t see it myself until running across the manosphere. Now I can’t help but see it everywhere I go. 311 more words

Red Pill