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Syria: a Country of Male Dominance, but also a Committee of Male Dominance?

Danielle Bennett 

Position: Head of Mukhabarat (Military Intelligence)

Character: Rafiq Shahdah

Delegate has introduced two directives. The first is to increase military support against ISIS. The second directive is to increase the amount of knowledge and tools within the government in order to, “when we do confront ISIS. 170 more words


Fe-male, S-he, Wo-man

What’s the best definition of a lady’s place in our Kenyan society?

Daily Basis

Love in the new world, after the gender wars

Summary:  It’s vital to understand not just what’s happening in the gender wars but why. Here Allan Bloom explains the beliefs and goals of the social reformers leading the restructuring of American society. 1,656 more words


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“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” – Gloria Steinem

What gender equality means for me:
That everyone is appreciated for who and what they are.

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March Book Bag Bundles

February and March have been slow months for me in terms of reading as work has been extremely busy, and I have been getting over flu. 828 more words

Book Bag Bundles

A Little Lesson About History

I heard somewhere one time that the reason we study our past is to make sure we know ourselves as a race so well, we stop making the same mistakes over and over. 445 more words

Human Nature

Twisted Origins of International Women's Day

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day, key word: Celebrated.

Social Networks were filled with congratulatory messages towards “the best thing God ever created”, thanking them for “everything they do”. 1,696 more words

Human Nature