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2837. Girls Throw Away the Candy Store — 04: What’s a Girl to Do? I

Sorry, gals, this isn’t very friendly reading but you may find it useful. It’s more a working document.

Quit doing these things: Females are notoriously wrong trying to turn their situation to personal advantage. 777 more words

Dear Daughter



Professor Kennedy’s blog today dealt with discrimination against women in obtaining credit and other less noticed discrimination against women on the job, equality in wages for the same work etc., asking for commentary. 295 more words

Why Male Dominance Should be Considered a thing of the Past, and What Women Can Do to Step Up to Modern Day Challenges

Have you ever heard these words, “we live in a male dominated world?” I consider those words archaic, and in the past, because the world is indeed changing, and we should all change along with it. 1,006 more words



‘There are only few people who have a thought process different from that of the society. Even though she was born a girl she was loved by everyone in the family. 231 more words

2826. Love is Never Enough — 06: Love Fades Away

The more I write about love, the more I find women uninterested. I can’t blame them. They don’t want to discover mistakes they may have made, how their heart works, or why they can’t make relationships work successfully. 547 more words

Dear Daughter

Breaking the Doors

Philip Arabome is a journalism major at Texas Tech University Lubbock, Texas and my guest writer on today’s blog. He’s taking on the trending issue of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace, especially as it relates to big names in the media and entertainment industry crumbling like a pack of cards. 1,957 more words

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Talking About Feminism at Work

Depending where you work, the prospect of talking about political beliefs, strong opinions and religious leanings can be daunting to the point of being forever and always off limits. 860 more words