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A commentary on communication

As I climbed onto my barstool next to my hubby at B-side on Friday, I could smell the talc of the barber shop from his fresh haircut. 1,550 more words

I used to be a woman

This phrase comes to my mind a lot. I used to be a woman. Why am I not anymore? Well, that’s not decided by me. That’s decided by society, which means men, mostly. 440 more words


As we became sedentary, life got easier for the males who exploited the weaker members of the group, which included men, women and children. The lords would send out warring parties in order to grab land, women and anything else of value. 1,210 more words

Barbies Or Bimbos


When Christianity was created in 325CE on the premise that we were godlike creatures, not animals, it did everything it could to make us ignore our ANS. 1,049 more words

Barbies Or Bimbos


Autonomic nervous system

If we study group behavior among our chimpanzee cousins, and if we accept the fact we were exactly like them prior to our breaking the time barrier, we can learn a lot about ourselves. 1,339 more words



Before breaking the time barrier and becoming intelligent, all women got the services of the alpha male who fought for that right. Sexually. the females were all fulfilled while most of the males were frustrated. 1,061 more words

Barbies Or Bimbos


In early 20th century, people moved to the cities in tandem with the arrival of electricity, tap water, toilets and jobs. It was the beginning of tangible societal empowerment. 995 more words

Male Domination