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Saudi man campaigned for an end to male domination and was jailed and fined

A Saudi man has been jailed for one year for calling for an end to the Muslim kingdom’s male guardianship system that gives men absolute control over women, Saudi media reported on Tuesday. 424 more words

Saudi Arabia

Sexual Assault and the Deplorables

I was sexually assaulted. In broad day light. On a bright and sunny afternoon as I walked to work in a middle class neighborhood in south Tacoma, Washington. 816 more words

मेरे रंग मे रंगनेवाली

स्वराची हाक ऐकून पूर्वा चालायची थांबली.

“वॉव..स्वरा…काय म्हणतेस ? कशी आहेस ?” स्वराचा हात हातात घेत पूर्वाने विचारले
“मी मजेत. तू कशी आहेस ? रोज येतेस का या बागेत फिरायला ?”

Where is Sissy of Gor?

Growing up, John Norman’s Gor novels were my first real introduction to the world of BDSM and the concept of sexual submission.

I started reading them because (a) I was a fantasy geek, and (b) a friend kept telling me how taboo/controversial they are. 593 more words


A System Called Patriarchy

A System Called Patriarchy by Nicole  Conner

Sometimes we need to stop and question the social structures and norms that we are part of and contribute to. 941 more words

Tuesday Talks

The Problem I Had With My Marriage

One of my favourite parts of A level sociology was learning of the changing attitudes of women from the 60’s to present day and the affect this had on every aspect of society. 752 more words

Sex And Other Stuff

Solomon’s Daughters: Sar-Rah’s Chapter by Karax

Author’s Note: Well this is Sar-Rah’s chapter so I hope you enjoy. Also to the questions I’ve gotten of why I didn’t describe Sar-Rah or her sister. 9,838 more words