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The Penis as Passport

Earlier this month, Lebanese T.V presenter, Ms Rimi Karaki cut short a live interview with a London-based Sunni Muslim male, Mr ‘Sheik’ Hani Al Sebai. He was supposed to be a scholar but, as he meandering away for over a minute from the question that had been put to him, as he failed to perceive her uncomfortable shifts in posture as cues for him to move on, Ms Karaki politely asked him to focus on the present day situation. 1,278 more words

Reading Holy Books

A Thinly Veiled Sideswipe

Sister… Beautiful, beautiful sister… There are many of you out there who choose to wear the veil*, and I respect your choice. I honor your commitment. 516 more words

Oppression Incites Reaction

A spirit teacher shares His understanding
of the timeless wisdom expressed within
the symbolic structure of I Ching.

Life situations and experiences necessarily
develop from previous conditions and lead… 288 more words

I Ching

I've got words! Foot fetish culture. Eroticism. And Hardcore History by Dan Carlin.Take the mix.

Evening, fellas and felines. How I love pussy. Here’s an informative picturini:

And yet another picturrino:

Take the mix. Now take this drug.

Whew. Pretentious. More! 1,080 more words

Stepping on the tongues of hot women...

To begin with…

We’ve got a fair bit of footage coming soon, both free and for sale. This is front something we’ll probably release for free, and it involves Zoe working my cock as I squeeze her fingers over my shaft while I feed her my toes. 201 more words

Just tonight... and shots from the next CEO clip.

Hi, guys. I miss Twitter and just being able to mention a mood I’m in, or a sentiment I’m thinking, and if feels immediate as the tweets come in to you. 861 more words