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Befriend the ugliness in our souls

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My plea, my desire, my one wish above all others.  Show me Your cracked and scarred inner face, oh Dark and Dominant Master, and force me to reveal mine. 113 more words


time to make a new world and to stop believing in these false gods and prophets and purveyors of loser culture…


literature has been dominated by men for a long time. 751 more words


The History of Pakistani Feminism Part II| Saeed Khan Rangeela

“One of the first pioneers of women’s liberation in Pakistan was actually a man from film industry Lollywood” 

As our local feminists Shehla Zia, Saima Sarwar and others burned dupattas on the roads of Lahore and protested publicly elsewhere in the country, there was someone we need to not forget in the history of Pakistani feminism.  754 more words

Feminism Corner

Separation of Witch and State

During the 2004 campaign, NPR put up a fascinating juxtaposition of the two candidates on the campaign trail: John Kerry speaking before a thoughtful gathering of the League of Women’s Voters, and George Bush standing with sleeves rolled up and arms raised in front of a crowd of raucously cheering Republicans. 767 more words


The Penis as Passport

Earlier this month, Lebanese T.V presenter, Ms Rimi Karaki cut short a live interview with a London-based Sunni Muslim male, Mr ‘Sheik’ Hani Al Sebai. He was supposed to be a scholar but, as he meandering away for over a minute from the question that had been put to him, as he failed to perceive her uncomfortable shifts in posture as cues for him to move on, Ms Karaki politely asked him to focus on the present day situation. 1,278 more words

Reading Holy Books

Oppression Incites Reaction

A spirit teacher shares His understanding
of the timeless wisdom expressed within
the symbolic structure of I Ching.

Life situations and experiences necessarily
develop from previous conditions and lead… 288 more words

I Ching

I've got words! Foot fetish culture. Eroticism. And Hardcore History by Dan Carlin.Take the mix.

Evening, fellas and felines. How I love pussy. Here’s an informative picturini:

And yet another picturrino:

Take the mix. Now take this drug.

Whew. Pretentious. More! 1,080 more words