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Trans Male Violence

Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is simply to document. This site does not encourage or condone discrimination against trans men and women. It is in no way intended to demonize trans men and trans women any more than reporting on any other types of violence demonize women or men. 3,071 more words

Female bodies are not public accommodations

Gandhi, the “Great Soul” who blamed women for violence inflicted upon them by men, once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Many women have taken this trite advice to heart, much to their own detriment. 1,255 more words


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Some very valuable female wisdom: "Why does everyone seem to insist that feminism must accommodate all beliefs and values, even beliefs and values that are harmful to women? "

Pa: Man charged after 10-year-old says he watched her in bathroom

The fact is that this kind of occurrence is not uncommon. While this obviously does not mean M2Ts (transwomen) can be assumed to be in the bathroom for the purpose of predating on women and girls, it still has huge bearing on legislation related to the public’s usage of restrooms and other facilities where women and girls will be unclothed, such as locker rooms. 339 more words


Gaslighting Witches: Silencing Survivors

The internet has the potential to encourage interactions that are deeply corrosive and belligerent and that do not comprise of healthy, productive dialogues between the correspondents. 1,275 more words


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"When someone is so convinced that you have literally no right to an opinion, that they will do anything to try and stop you expressing yourself productively, there is no negotiation, no compromise, no dialectic."

The lady of love

It was a hot summer day last year in my native place, Asansol, West Bengal and I was seated facing the old lady with the kindest wrinkled face and twinkling eyes. 503 more words

Creative Writing

This Isn't About The Ghomeshi Case

I am not an idiot. I know, it really needs stating.

I’m far from a lawyer, and I don’t pretend to be.

As an intelligent woman who used to write and amend laws, I’ve got a general comprehension of concepts like presumption of innocence, the burden of guilt and reasonable doubt. 831 more words

QotD: "Man celebrates death of Women’s Studies Programs"

Over time, academics – Judith Butler, for one – got sloppy drunk on Deconstructionism and started applying the technique to other fields, like sociology, psychology, anthropology.

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